Emotional Vaccine

So many people who use Vietnamese social networks have just undergone a sudden state transition. In the middle of the late night, stunning before the 'withdrawal of his parents' breathing, the next morning was fake news. Not only in Vietnam, in the context of global translation of Covid, fake news, especially news types with the content of the mind, fighting correctly into human compassion, there is a chance to hatch a 0: 00 / 2: 28 namcon people who are suffering odd sharpness from epidemic, easy-to-unstament psychology, suddenly appearing an information touching the heart, do not feel new. Now calm down, everyone can say it is a "collective bout", but in the positive, clear aspects in every human being hide compassion. This is precious, there is something to avoid "the heart of the head to the top"

. While, many netizens begin to skeptically about a "group 82" with signs of taking advantage of human injury, cheating Contribute charitable money, the capital people seem to be facing collective emotion: new regulations on road paper. Right now, Lao Hoàm also brushed in the headquarters of the ward (crowded) to see a red mark to confirm, in the morning of 5 hours to clean up. Live forces tasks the deflection duty even more hard when faced with congestion, 5k violation and risk of infection
These collective emotions like a light stun, but badly. Someone can say that people make a decision to worry about the general situation. Anxiety to think of good policies, science, not to fear across the administrative thinking and transmit confusion into society. Afraid of "sprung", "Toang" to "play", even more responsible ... most recently, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh affirmed: "Vaccination is free. Today I speak clearly. " During the days of daring, the Prime Minister and many government members have been online to hear the aspirations of the business community. Speech of Minister KH

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