Enjoy Ethnic Dishes In Dong Nai

0: 00/5: 56 NAMLÁN BOARD is a favorite dish of many people in Tan Phuc area with Kinh people, Dong Nai also has a 36th ethnic sub-nation who are living as Choro, plating, s people 'Wondering, Cham, Khmer ... Along with the development of society and integration of ethnic minorities, ethnic minorities in Dong Nai today still preserve customs and characteristics In his culinary culture. Not only on the holidays, Tet, but the culinary culture of ethnic people is also preserved during the daily meals

. Even, some dishes have become local specialties, contributing to promoting travel brands such as: Plating people's dishes in Ta Thanh Ethnic Village (H.Tan Phu), traditional dishes of people Hoa (H. Dan Quan), Cham people (H
Xuân Loc) or Choro (H.Vinh Cuu) ... * Strange with delicious dishes from a clouds, affordable vegetables, ethnic minorities live in Tan Phu, Dinh Quan, eternal regions ... always have a life attached to mountains and forests and fields. At that time, the main livelihood of people was hunting and picking vegetables in the deep forest to serve daily meals. Today, the hunting status is no longer free like before, life My relatives have been closer to the new society
However, in addition to the current common foods, some traditional dishes with easy raw materials are still reminded by ethnic minorities in daily meals such as: clouds, leaves, and vegetables ... Ka Huong is the daughter of the prestigious person in the galvanized community in Ta Lai commune (H.Tan Phu). Growing up in the Mountain of Cat Tien, she chose a career path to a tour guide for long-term houses (a famous tourist destination in Ta Lai) with the desire to stay and promote widely Culture, characteristic cuisine of people with domestic and foreign tourists. Huong said, the pride of incense is the main time to be introduced to visitors about the characteristics of national culture me. Along with customary customs, cuisine is one of the content that is waiting for everyone to enjoy the most every time it comes to the rice dishes, barbecue, and dishes from the forests ... on the special occasions Separate like the traditional festival of ethnic minorities, visitors will enjoy more traditional dishes made of elaborately such as rice powder, drinking alcohol needs ... Sharing on the item of ethnic identity I, Ka Huong said, in addition to the daily sticky, daily eating and drinking people still hold many cultural traditions, many children in the village have learned how to cook rice, how to make alcohol in taste Raw materials are entirely in the types of leaves in the forest, how to go to the forest to find and process dishes from this difficult raw material. Some other ethnic minority areas also maintain special features In its own culinary culture such as: Plating area in Thanh Son commune (H.Tan Phu), Choko ethnic village in H.Vinh Cuu ... through daily meals, in wedding, anniversary, ma vegetarian. Lam rice is preparing to treat guests of ethnic people plated in the ethnic village of Bon Ty, Thanh Son commune, H.Tan Phuka Thy, the galvanized girl born and raised in the ethnic village of Bon Ty (Thanh Thanh Son, h.tan phu) shared, every time the house has a wedding or anniversary, Thy family must go to the forest to find a clolar, leaves and other forest vegetables to prepare for the guests. Thy shares: " Alcohol needs, grilled beams, soup or stir-fried leaves are the main dishes that their families are always available on guests. The sisters in the house everyone can go to the forest to gather bamboo shoots as well as make people's dishes. Everyone to eat and invite each other to drink alcohol needs to create a happy and warm atmosphere in the family parties. "* Idling but delicate dishes of traditional dining of ethnic people in Dong Nai As an idyllic dish but always contains sophistication through each flavor. Cham Cham Xuan Hung Commune (H. Xuân Loc) has a lot of unique culinary customs. Cham people in Xuan Loc do not use pork, the culinary style of the people here brings a lot of Indian markers with spicy taste, in dishes often have curry taste, cinnamon, anh. Therefore, traditional Chamese dishes often appear in family meals as well as holidays, Tet are curries. Family party of people's plated people today with a fish hot pot embedded foil, meat rice Barbecue and curry beams are quite rich in taste with a variety of raw materials such as cow's curry, goat, sheep, chicken ... during daily meals, there are soup, cake ... out Traditional cuisine, Champions and cakes are very popular, made mainly on religious celebrations, marriage such as cakes, little cakes, ginger cakes ... in Dong Nai, in addition to Dong Nai villages ethnic cells lie quietly in small residential areas, there is a rather busy place, bold the culture, the own cuisine of the people we are the Chinese area at H. Tap vertically on Highway 20 , Chinese people living in H. Dan Quan is very easy to be identified by a house

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