Enjoy Traditional Moon Cakes Of Asian Countries

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of Asian traditional Tet holidays. Each country has a different type of cake but is very unique and characterized for the tradition of the nation during the moonlight-looking Tet.0: 00/5: 35 nuoc southern countries enjoy the cakes of Asian countries during the central occasion Thu: South Korea's Songpyeon, China, China watching the full moon is a symbol of happy happiness, the person who sees the moon with the ideal picture. Because "the moon will be rounded" as a boiling, flourishing. And that's why the cakes are squeezed in crescent pictures

. The cake is very simple, almost like how to make Vietnamese water drift. Just prepare a little rice flour, green beans, sugar, and pine leaves and stuffed powder carefully with water until the powder does not stick to his hand. In addition to white cakes, people also make pink cakes from the strawberry fruit, dark green from the pumping leaves, yellow from the pumpkin
.. The wheel after molding is given to the middle, molding the cake into a semicircle Steamed with a little fresh pine leaves. It is the scent of bar, gently, but the wildness of fresh pine leaves will make it really characteristic to make people remember when enjoying. At the end of the 14th century, the name Cake Tteok Songpyeon was not mentioned, but there was the content that mentioned a cake with a similar way of processing with Tteok Songpyeon. At the 18th century, the content of Tteok Songpyeon's content was eaten on the Mid-Autumn Festival day and was shown on the rice tray in the Eastern National Time. Tsukimi-Dango of JapanDango is the common name of the type The dumplings are made of rice flour (Mochiko) This type of cake is quite like Mochi (a Japanese rice cake), often used with tea. Dango is a dish used all year round, but there are different types of Dango and used for each season. Mid-Autumn Mid-Autumn Day Otsukimi, Tsukimi-Dango cake is displayed in a triangle on a wooden shelf, next to the wooden shelf Decorated with Susuki grass, and may also have some fruits. Then they placed on the porch, or near the window, anywhere could see the most obvious moon, to eat and watch the moon
In some places, people believe that dango cakes are finished to finish outside the porch if children arbitrarily take it, it is a lucky thing. Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival of the Mid-Autumn Festival, can't Tell moon cake. There was theory that moon cake originated from the end of his original life. At the end of the original life, the farmer's revolt broke out, Chu Nguyen Chuong was the strongest force. At that time, guitarized in Taizhou, Jiangsu was Zhangji Thanh (also said that the person who said it was a struggle of Chu Nguyen Chuong) to take advantage of the customs for giving cakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival of the people, immediately doing one The cake type stuffed a piece of paper in the inside, writing the word "Bat Nguyet Cruel Five Laught" (August 15 killing the enemy - ie troops). The people passed their hands and appointed to kill the enemy. From that, Moon cake became a traditional dish during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Even until the end of the nineteenth century, in the moon cake still left a piece of paper in the right custom. Round-shaped moon cakes, symbolizing "union members", that meaning is derived from Minh's house. Today, moon cakes have more shapes, have both squares, pictures of breeds ... especially in Vietnam has added flexible cake, while in China currently only baked cakes. Filipino's Filipino's Mid-Autumn Filipino grill is simple, though not many colors or patterns. Attractive by the rich manner. Which is green bean cake, pork, purple sweet potatoes ... At first glance, the cake is like a dumpling. Unique cake in the crunchy powder. People can make craft cakes at home if there is a large oven. The delicious cake is when breaking, the cake powder is thin, revealing the multiplication of quite attractive. Taiwan Mid-Autumn Festival is made with Nhan sweet potato. When culture has developed, there are more new taste such as ice cream, green tea, chocolate. Mid-autumn Mid-Autumn Foundation Taiwan has a compact design only in the palms with industrial designs manufactured in bulk export Take many countries consumed. Most of Taiwan's middle-class moon cakes have a part of salt eggs or eggs flowing inside, surrounded by red beans and lots of outer cake shells. The cake is grazing with the golden shell, a little shadow and sprinkled on a little sesame looks very beautiful. Baking, flexible cake of Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival of Vietnamese people is quite like the Chinese - Father's father Mid-Autumn Festival is known. However, the cake is owned by the specific characteristics of each place but has different from the green beans, the taro cake to the rotary chicken cake, crawling cake ... Moon cakes are so attractive to the incense by Huong The cake is the convergence of both the autumn sun yeast. Flexible cake shell

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