Enjoying How To Learn How To Learn A Few Simple Tips For Lifting Make-up, Extremely Effective 6 Tips!

The way to select the shape of the eyebrows suitable for the face, make the lips thicker, enhance the eyebrows ... and other useful tips will make your makeup simply unexpectedly. You won't need to stand in front of the mirror all over the clock to struggle with your eyes if you grasp the formulas to help you highlight your face

. Its effect is worth trying! 0:00 / 2: 22nam south1. How to make your lips Thicker than your ingenuity to turn thin lips more plump. Non-everyone is lucky to get the stretch lips, but all of us can use your ingenuity to Turning thin lips more plump
In order to get this impressive effect, use the lip-lip with the lips outside the lips a bit, then bowl their lipsticks naturally. Choose light lipstick colors, high natural, dark lipsticks like dark red, dark orange, red, dark pink will make you look like clowns.2. The formula for the eyebrow and face shape you images The formula draws the eyebrows suitable for the face. Very of us do not recognize the importance of identifying face shapes. Each person has a characteristic and facial characteristics, so the trim and painting of the eyebrows is also different, do not imitate each other in a mold. The round face is not suitable for horizontal eyebrows and the person with a violet should not draw a thick and dark gift eyebrows.3. Quick tips to enhance your eyebrows to raise your eyebrows to create a higher eyebrow effects. To create a higher eyebrow effect, help deep eye sockets and lines on the face become sharp, more perfect , or try this way
Hit the highlight or use a colorful chalk than a curve right on the eyebrows and canopy it manually. Immediately your eyes look like being raised, creating confident illusion for your eyes and princes.4. Eye Liner Eye Line Line Metal Metal Eye Liner to calm the Eye Liner black line too shyly. Doing it at work at the office does not need to make a makeup too dark and sharp, so the Eye Liner is too thick and black Make your eyes heavily and don't suit the office environment. To lighten, use the cotton swab to hit the Eye Liner line a grim with iridescent brown chalk or dark copper. It will soothe your eye makeup, suitable for the natural make-up layer to go to work every day.5. Tip to prevent lem songs for lipstick color not lemed when you wear a mask or dining is actually not difficult. Keep lipstick color not to be lemed when you wear a mask, when eating or leaving a cup of café ... actually Not difficult. After tinging, you use a thin piece of paper to put on your lips, keep it and cover a chalk on a paper towel. This will make your lipstick color unleash, more and longer than 6. The way to make the lips look dry when using lipsticks try this tip so that the lip looks less dry. So try this tip so lips look less dry. Use your finger to dot a little pink cheek or bright eyeshadow and lightly dotes between the lower lip and above. It will create a light shadow effect for your lips, making them look more attractive and charming. Phuong

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