Enriched By General Farm Model

Mr. Trinh Van Toan, Thach Lang village, Truong Minh commune, Nong Cong district, Thanh Hoa province successfully built a general farm model to rise to get rich in: 00/3: 25 years ago Plan 40 tons of cage label fruits, with many tons of Thai jackfruit and grapefruit, coconut. The average income of his family reached VND 300-400 million / year, creating jobs for 5 workers with a salary of 4 million VND / person / month. His farm all, was shown by him to know the spirit of daring to think of a farmer's person. He all said he was born in a poor family, after he finished his level 3 into the South as a worker, then returned to Hanoi to earn jobs, despite experiencing many lives but still not enough money Lo for the family

. In 2010, he decided to go to his hometown with cultivation, livestock, but this time did not have much experience so his family's agricultural production was not effective, leaving for He big debt. By 2014, after knowing the support of the guidelines and policies of Truong Minh Commune People's Committee, Nong Cong district allowed land to accumulate land, he came out the idea of a general farm model on difficult land, which is capital The development area, ineffective rice cultivation, this time he went to Hung Yen province to visit some general farms to plant cage and grapefruit, combined livestock. Immediately after accumulating the knowledge, he all discussed with his family to follow this model
In 2015, Mr. Toan boldly took a bid with the Commune People's Committee in less effective rice land with an area of 4 Ha, this is the land all year round in flooding to carry out a general farm model with safe products. Immediately after being allocated land, Mr. Toan borrowed a relative, bank to carry out the model, he hired bulldozers, scooping machines to renovate fishponds, on the shore of planting fruit trees and livestock Ducks, chickens and pigs. At this time, he took full decision to plant 1,100 root labels, 800 roots of grapefruit, 200 ethnic jackfruit, 1,000 original coconut trees and breeding of chicken, vit under the canopy, total investment of VND 2 billion. The cage grows well on the bronze land, Mr. Toan has planned farms into beds with a two-party groove system to actively irrigate and fasten in the rainy season. At the same time, he also regularly takes care of, pruning trees, fertilizing every day, from which plants are always growing and developing well, without pests and diseases, recent crops of delicious fruits with heavy beams, substances quantity, for harvesting 40 tons of label labels / year labels. Shrimp grow well for high economic efficiency. Up to now, both the inherited mudflats have been made into a fruit garden, rich pond, farms have come into stable operations, annual harvesting with revenue from rice, duck Products, duck eggs, fish all kinds are also reached 150-200 million VND, not including fruit trees
.. talking about plans in the coming time, Mr. Toan said it will expand the model, planting more Label area, fruit picker and breeding expansion. At the same time, supporting people around the area in accordance with this model for economic development in localities. Ms. Pham Thi Quyet, Chairman of Nong Cong District Farmers' Association, in Nong Cong district has appeared a lot Model of excellent economic; In particular, his general farm model is a typical, high income. He now has received a certificate of merit from Thanh Hoa Provincial People's Committee on studying and following the province of the province in the period of 2016 - 2020. The next time, the locality will continue to replicate his model all, simultaneously Supporting people to transfer science and technology in production to rise to poverty., Photo: Nguyen Nam (VNA)

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