Enrichment From General Economic Model

Over the past years, Mr. Nguyen Van Truong in Tan Phuoc hamlet, Chau Khanh commune, Chau Thanh district, Kien Giang province, is the pioneer to convert crops with many types of crops instead of inefficient rice. Thanks to the diligence, hardship, learning, he was successful in applying science and technology to produce to have income every year hundreds of millions of Dong. Date. The program said, his family had 11ha of land specializing in rice cultivation in a traditional way but due to precarious rice prices, there was a disadvantage weather so the income was not high

. In 2017, after exploring, learning, he boldly moved about 1 ha of rice land to planting vegetables and fruit trees. From the field land, Mr. Dao Ao, upgraded to cultivate short-term vegetables: cucumber, watermelon, squash, miserable, gourd, okra
.. only after a short time, he noticed this area possible Developed into a synthetic model of planting many trees at the same time, he continued to invest capital to buy more than 200 pomelos, 200 mangoes, nearly 300 intercropped coconut trees. With the motto "short of long farming", just producing both investment, so far, the family of his family has a general cultivation model on a total area of nearly 2ha. The program said: "During the cultivation process Types of crops, fruit trees, I see the word at least 2-3 times higher than rice cultivation on the same area. The first time I only harvested short trees like cucumber, watermelon, squash, suffering, gourd, okra; Not yet harvested and fruits like coconut, mango but estimated about 200 million VND per year ". On the commune area, Chau Thanh in general, he submitted one of the few farmers valued Finding new types of trees and breeds to introduce breeding and cultivation. He regularly visits and learns to apply science and technology to cultivate, care and treat plants and animals. With a food source available in the garden, he raised more ducks, under ponds to drop pangasius, catfish .
. bring significant revenue for the family. He also planted to experiment with purple seeds on an area of more than 30m2. Through 2 planting cases, corn develops well, costs as well as light care and stable income. "Compared to growing pumpkin, cucumber, watermelon, purple grain corn is easy to care for. However, the problem here is not due to the nature of each crop, but it is important to care and technically in cultivation. For new crops, it is necessary to learn carefully, to be difficult to take care of, which is highly effective, "he said. Experience, good ways and mobilize farmers in the region together to build promising economic models. The general economic model of his family was assessed by the local government as the effective direction for farmers to study, and contribute to the implementation of the local agricultural restructuring scheme. According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Duc, the Vice Chairman of the Commune Farmers Association urged, the last 4 years, his general economic model submitted to the model to the relatives in the learning region. Recently, the commune agriculture sector coordinated with Chau Thanh district to organize crops, invite him to attend and share experiences with farmer members. He has won the title of excellent production and business farmers for many years and is a mirror to relatives in technical learning areas, sustainable agricultural production experience., Photo: Viet Quang

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