Enterprises Deploying Compulsory Insurance Insurance Of Motor Vehicle Owners Must Send Reports To The Ministry Of Finance

The above content is stipulated in Decree No. 03/2021 / ND-CP dated January 15, 2021 of the Government regulating the compulsory insurance of civil liability (TNDS) of motor vehicle owners. / 00 / 1: 30 narrays illustration. Source: Internet Decision No. 03/2021 / ND-CP specifies, insurance enterprises shall have to make and submit reports on compulsory insurance insurance of motor vehicle owners according to regulations

. Insurance must be prepared and sent the Ministry of Finance and the Finance Reports of Quarterly, Year by one of the methods of sending directly or sent via postal services and sent through the email system according to the form of the report on the real situation Currently compulsory insurance of motor vehicle owners and reports on compulsory insurance business results of motor vehicle owners. For quarterly reports, data closing times from the first month of the period Fox until 30 or 31 of the last month the quarter belongs to the reporting period. The deadline for sending quarterly reports is 30 days at the end of the quarter
For the annual report, the data closing time is calculated from January 1 to December 31 of the reporting period. The time limit for sending the annual report is only 90 days from the end of the year. According to the Decree No. 03/2021 / ND-CP, in addition to the above reports, the insurance enterprise is responsible for making and sending reports Unexpectedly at the request of the Ministry of Finance with one of the methods of sending directly or sent through postal services and sent through the email system.

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