Entrepreneur Park Chang Min – Vietnam Original Ceo In Korea

Park Chang Min is a Korean student of Vietnamese people named the achievement, so far have lived and worked in Korea for 6 years 9: 00/2: 58 Nouthern region of Park Chang Min - Journey from Students who become CeoRoanh Nhan Park Chang Min (real name to achieve) are currently the CEO of a business specializing in distributing cosmetics in Korea to other countries. Six years ago, useful to recognize my passion for cosmetics and decided to study abroad to accumulate knowledge and careers development. Of course, where he chooses it is okay to be Korea - the cosmetics market is almost at the top of Asia.Park Chang Min - Korea CEO itself is the first international student who first arrives in Kim Chi country The role of international students, benefits only alone in a completely strange place. Everything in Korea was strange, easily attracting the curiosity of young students

. With open minds opening, the spirit of optimism and positive, useful to realize that the environment in Korea is extremely free and is a great condition for him to develop passion. Since then, he decided to take the Korean name Park Chang Min to easily in the process of working. He came to Korea to develop a passion for cosmetics and get used to the environment, Chang Min Hand into building cosmetic business career
During the past time, he always strives to learn and research cosmetic products available in the market. At the same time, Chang Min also did a lot about consulting and treating skin for many customers around the world. With the commitment and trying to constantly, Chang Min developed itself a private enterprise specializing in the distribution of cosmetics in Korea. Statue, Chu and Destroying are the adjectives describing the businessman Nhan Park Chang Min when asked why the cosmetic field, Park Chang Min businessman answered simply because he was a beautiful lover. He felt that his life around him was always beautiful, full of colors and very worth living. To thank his life giving him beautiful experiences, he also wanted to contribute more beauty to life. And cosmetics are a simpler career to help people more beautiful every day, helping life with more people to complete the appearance. The life of the young CEO is always full of colors, when sharing about success At his current, Park Chang Min claims because he is a bronze person and extremely chu beside the favorite business. With a young man at the age of twenties, it was possible to develop independently in a completely strange place, no relatives beside it was not easy but not to build a successful business. So the chuism and mind are 2 personality who have made an important contribution to the achievements of Park Chang Min now
Park Chang Min is a Brander, only in the work of distribution products to be personally CEO Park Chang Min tested with passion for beauty for everyone and passion for work, poor quality products are never existed in the business of Entittant Park Chang Min. From the beginning, he tried to balance parallel between studying at school and the research, exploring cosmetic brands in Korea. He decided to filter out the best quality products and introduced only to everyone of these products. For now, when Chang Min's business has grown strongly, distributing a lot of Skincare products From the mask to functional food, he is always the person who personally test product quality. After identifying the product is really good, the quality is really new to the market. This is also a creative point of the prestige for businesses and getting satisfaction, trust from Park Chang Min.

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