Environmental Disaster After Shipwrecks Carrying 4,200 Cars

Besides the damage from 4,200 cars produced in the US is completely destroyed, it is also an ecological disaster for the beach area there 9: 00/1: 37 Southern nationals on 8/9 / 2021 Mark the 2-year round anniversary of the flip of Korea Golden Ray cargo ship, tilted immediately after leaving Brunswick Port (Georgia Coast, United States) on September 8, 2019. Be rescued safely, but the handling of shipwrecks, including 4,200 cars on board, is taking place extremely slow and messy. The Korean Golden Ray ships are cut into 8 segments to axis Remove 2 years, although destroying the wreck and the last cleanup is expected to lose a few months, but the environment around the ship is being destroyed every day. Environmental protection houses are lost. Witnessing, when at the end of July, oil sprayed from a new segment separated by the shipwreck and spotting around 4 km of beach

. The rescue team sent to clean, but the environmentalists Indicate many oil leaks in 2 years Q UA resulting in about 50 km of oil contaminated with oil. Images inside the hull because the diving robot records the new time sunk from November last year, the teams salvage cut the ship to 8 huge blocks, but The relocation is very slow. The workers used the crane to withdraw cars out of the ship's abdomen, to reduce its weight before substance to the barge in the coming days, local marine policeman As Michael Himes said
Which of the three parts of the ship, will be further closed at a local pier, before shipping by barge to a scrap yard in Louisiana, Police Himes said this will lose few months.

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