Environmental Service Fee Is What?

Environmental service fee is a form of charges to pay when using some environmental services. The fee corresponds to the cost of that environmental service. In addition, the environmental service fee also has the purpose of limiting overuse of environmental services. Then, there are 2 types of main environmental services and 2 types of environmental service charges are provided services. Clean water, wastewater treatment and solid waste collection services

. For some agricultural countries, clean water supply services and rural environmental sanitation are also a matter of studying research to have appropriate applicable policies. Service of providing clean water and handling Wastewater for this form, the issue of interest is how clean water supply service fee must be placed to use water in a most economical and effective way. The object of this type of service includes households, service business establishments and a handful of small-scale industrial factories
The content of the service includes providing clean water, collecting and treating wastewater before discharging the city's drainage system. Customs according to different urbanization levels, service charge provides clean water each other, but is often stipulated on a relatively common principle, it is: the total source of collected fees must be fulfilled for water supply and wastewater treatment services (except for basic construction costs). The fee may include two components: the basic level plus a service to regulate the cost of the service. Environmental service will help limit overuse of environmental services. (Artwork) The basic fee is the basic cost for providing a clean water unit, thereby sufficiently to handle the amount of wastewater generated when households use a clean water unit. Service fees can be understood to be the cost of expanding service providers and operating costs providing clean water and wastewater treatment. Here, people are based on the level of clean water consumption to be able to build fixed stations or forwarding wastewater treatment to the cost of wastewater treatment is the lowest, avoiding negative impacts on service prices Providing clean water and wastewater treatment. Services of solid waste collection and waste disposal here are understood as domestic waste, commercial service waste, including toxic urban waste. Solid waste related services will have positive effects not only for the environment but for both economic development. Therefore, the determination of solid waste collection, transportation and treatment services must be studied and considered carefully on the basis of ensuring the compensation for collection and transportation costs both indirectly Encourage households to minimize waste
The determination of the fees of environmental services can be convenient to consider, analyze the necessary costs and based on the weight or volume of waste. According to the amount of waste, the households must have a separate garbage container located in a fixed position, and the payment must be completely voluntary on the basis of daily or weekly production. Out, there is another approach to the number of people in a family, based on the number of people, eg 3 people 1 environmental service fee ... to determine the required environmental service fee. In fact, this way may not be fair but more favorable, however, it is not recommended to reduce households. Lan Anh (T / H)

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