Episode 22 ‘happy Mask’: Huyen Trang Mustard Increasingly Rebellious, Dinh Tu Was Helpless For Sister

Attractive elements contained in the 'happy mask' episode 22: The rebellious daughter built the drama that made her into jealouss in jealousy.02: 00/2: 16 South regions can not stand looking at the girl playing, leaving home Taking the boys for so long so long (Dinh Tu) personally went to find Ha Vy (Huyen Trang mustard) home. Booking to the small inn where Vy and his boyfriend are living. Meeting to Bao, Kien extremely worried about his wife. Just met, he said to say a special colon of neglecting the sister's segment

. Bao said that Vy is owing a whole pile of schools at school, if they do not enroll again, he will take to Australia to teach again. It is worth mentioning Ha Vy not only afraid but still crushing will reverse what she wants. Hould it be held in front of the stubborn sister, stubbornly said forever without listening
Must Ha Vy has been spoiled too badly? Better hand in front of her younger sister and have to go home. It was still unwarmed yet to compress the mother's mother, Ha Vy rebelliously find a way to pierce, divide her mother and driver. On the way to work, he suddenly met a unconscious woman on the road. Do not hesitate to save the person when he met the victims he coached to carrying this person home but she asked to take the hotel. Being in this person inside, suddenly a strange woman rushed to the element of himself to promote, the son of a girl's son. Rush to. Come home to the daughter, I don't see just caught the lover's scene with two other women, won. Unservantly being angry, Ms. Trang rushed into the face of the two women. Do Ha Vy, who behind the wire
Mode of hiring two people selling digital tickets to fake the screen on so that she was jealous. Ms. Equipped with bruises the mouth, all day must wear a mask. Mr. Ton didn't know anything, just thought his wife had just traveled a plastic surgery. After the jealousy, she cut off his traverse. Partly because of spicy shot with two other women because she was husband on the side, it was not convenient to talk. Going to the second call, so I don't have a doubt husband, Mrs. Trang asks Mr. Ton to reply. He religiously listened to the other side of the other line to constantly explain everything like Mrs. Trang thought, just misunderstood, ... but unfortunately he did not know that the person lift the machine was his boss. Is that after this case Mr. Ton has noticed anything unusual in the relationship of his wife and hand drive? Let's find the answer in the next episode of the happy mask broadcast at noon at noon.

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