Episode 34 ‘love Taste’: Quach Thu Phuong Jumps The Bridge After The Statement, Thu Quynh Was Exposed

Attractive and thrilling circumstances will be in episode 34 'Flavor Tinh Tinh'.0: 00/1: 54 nam 0000: 00/01: 14In episode 33 Flavor of Ms. Xuan body (Quach Thu Phuong) has caused Illustration for the whole family when lightly believed in your friends. How much charity of everyone's charity is losing white, Ms. Xuan stood and felt embarrassed with the members of the house

. While people are trying to solve the spitball, Ms. Xuan falls into a state of isolation itself, bewildered and losing control.Sang to episode 34 Ms
Xuan Message with her husband who wanted to go to foreign countries to settle with a one-time mother The time but Mr. Khang disagreed. Suddenly clearing the disappearance from Mr. Khang's house and the children were extremely worried. Unknown Where to find Ms. Xuan where ginseng will accidentally see the Livestream section of a person on the social network. Family panic when discovering the woman in the video is Ba Xuan. The loss of the face sitting alone on the difference on the bridge caused everyone to worry about Mrs. Xuan would do foolishness. Not delay, the great family rushed to find Ms
Xuan before things that didn't happen. Does everyone save Ms. Xuan escaping? Pick up in episode 34 Flavor Tinh Than.Khanh Thy (Thu Quynh) and Hoang Huy (Anh Vu) continues to have a big contradiction. Holding the wife: "I treat everyone very reasonable, I do everything, but I don't see that I just round the responsibility. I can't feel it is the feelings of a child, The grandchild of the family is for his relatives. " Khanh Thyan glared: "When you think about me like that from me? Is it since my sister-in-law steps into this house, right?" The moment thy was spicy because she was exposed to her face true her face The reaction is fierce. This scene many audiences argue that Khanh Thy turns on Mood My wolf to respond to extremely harsh. With Thy, the appearance of the South pushed her from the daughter-in-law to become a scabies in the family. Therefore, Thy did not like this now more than hated the sister. Mosques between Thy and everyone in the family when to have a way to resolve? The answer will be in the next episodes of the fertilizer.

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