Episode 36 ‘happy Masks’: Dinh Tu Asked Ngoc Anh Girlfriend Don’t Leave Yourself

When the ashanges want to alienate to make sure to keep her staying in episode 36 'Happy Mask'.0: 00/1: 51 nam 0000: 00/04: 41 in the episode before Han (Ngoc Anh) Leaving the house to Bao (Dinh Tu) immediately chased to protect Crush. It is worth speech that day heavy rain that makes both wet as a mouse as a mouse so that Bao found a nearby fashion store to buy clothes instead. When the two returned to Mrs. Trang's house, he asked to reperced him immediately while Mr

. Ton and told to keep him away. The family knew the truth of a son of a woman who won the old, Han Also don't hesitate to say that I don't mean anyone. She also said that I would move immediately to not do "spikes" in the owner's eyes
After the night the rain was hungry suddenly had a fever and fainted in the room. Fortunately, he went home in time and discovered Crush lying on the land quickly took her to the hospital. Seeing the anonymousness of having a lot of sickness to be a little sick to produce the body to produce the resistance. Just or believe that the girl stays in the hospital instantly. Seeing it there, aunt who likes to hook the family to try to replicate, using the right to force the weak. In addition, she also advised him to take a job and find a new place. Not yet out of Mrs. Trang's house, but Han also found a new job to move she could do it right away. Ask why Han did not go to school, even he was willing to support tuition fees. Bao also confessed to Han that he had never seen her work
N'T Now wonder why you must tell me most of your mind, she doesn't need the "friend of Ha Vy" or "Bao's debt". When the disease is better than telling the house to take care of care. Bao Xa Tam Toan to the level of self into the stove of the porridge for her. Witnessing the brother to take care of a girl who wants to be jealous and "coffee" told himself to love with his sister's close friend. Everyone who sees the feelings of Han and said But between them there is a huge wall is a social status. Does both come together, find the answer in the last episodes of the happy mask.

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