Episode 7 ‘sunny Day On’: Thanh Quy Thanh Quarter Is A Smart Family, Lan Phuong Teaches Her ‘bitter’ Lessons

Attractive extenuants will be in episode 7 movies' Sunny day back'.0: 00/1: 58 nam 0000: 00/02: 16 Open 7 to practice 7 Sunny Day is the top image of her grandchild Russia (NSUT Thanh Quy) in the early morning. Loving the daughter to work far away from Russia also crossed the house to take care of and put 2 grandchildren to school. I'm on my way to school, my grandchildren meets her grandmother (German mother). At first everyone was very happy to greet each other, but only a moment after Mrs

. Hien immediately had the words "Ca Khuoi" Ms. Sui Gia.Ba Hien Khan said: "Fortunately, she said just There are a bunny bun rieu, there is no big job
It's like I'm here this is busy with her face, all the work in the ward, in the gym and the club again, there are many things to think very much ". Hearing these words Russia's face changed themselves but because of heating up, so he tried to stop. Van Khanh (Lan Phuong) woke up to see the pile of husbands, but didn't clean it up to teach Germany (Hong Dang ) a lesson. Seeing her sleeping husband delicious she took the phone and changed the hourly alarm hour, this Phen would hurt hastily for getting late to work. Khanh expressed pleasure when "playing" a stack of pain. I have never been troubled. She rushed to go to the examination room and asked him to enter the exam for time. Then when the teacher asked to the student card, she showed a set of all relevant things. Hurry in gold to find the card to get into the new competition to remember I left the student card at Phong Phong's cafe. This period will be "finished" if she knows she doesn't get into the exam room
Notably, Duy (Dinh Tu) is the last one who appears at the interview. Initially the page did not intend to let the last person into the room because it was enough of the number of applications. However, Duy had a lucky ticket in the end, the guy came in with a confident style. The Oan Gia meet again again and if the young staff is enough to criteria where the page is in need? See 7 of the Vietnamese drama and sunny day on the broadcast on VTV3 channel.

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