Episode Buchare: Practice How To Do Not Suffer Polar Cows Like Fairy Hair

Fairy hair shows off 1 hero aerial session but until the end of the rehearsal relay. Even she had to crawl to go up the stairs, do you have the same? 0: 00/3: 09 nam 0000: 00/00: 59 Hairy priority but don't charge a moment a moment. Her upper body on the campus of the gym. The social way took place for a few months. The entire entertainment activities of the stars in Vietnamese showbiz are also almost freezing for a long time

. Even so, they also take advantage of this rare free time to invest in their own care. Health and beauty is probably 2 phrases that are often invested by the Festival of Sisters Special attention. Practices are definitely an indispensable activity for famous stars this time
The fairy hair girl too! Following female singer gongs these days, everyone receives a very positive source of energy transmitted by her with only daily living activities in million-dollar villas with the "Witch of Music Village". Fairy hair is a beautiful person specializing in fashionable fashion items with personality violence. Having that confidence is due to her unconfirmed physique. The season she still retains the quality of thousands of people who dream of dreaming. An interesting thing, the fairy hair after the incarnation made her "braided female" new generation in Ngo Thanh Van's film very rarely If not lazy. She also confessed that she was not interested in practicing, thanks to Mr. Hoang Touliver's royal strength, but the days of translation she checked in at home gyms. Va the pictures She shared on Personal page can see the level of investment of the most famous family of Vietnamese music village. From the dumbbell rig (handlebar) to Cattle Dumbbell, the Squat exercise rig, .
. all have a full range of essential tools. New, she has just had a chance to share a lower body of I was designed by Mr. Pt. Interesting points are in place at the time of practicing, the female singer looks very excited but until the end of the rehearsal session, it cadets the right legs and the stairs on the stairs. Maybe not only women women most Everyone has such a common emotion at the end of the foot of the foot. Leg Day is inherently a serious day, need to invest in the menu as well as sleep. However, if the training at home, as the hair was probably, she should see his schedule. Is it too much and too heavy with yourself? Overcoming exercise will not promote the effectiveness of increasing muscle or size 3 size as many people still think. This size development takes time and depends on many factors. When exercising too much, the muscle fibers are easy to enter stress, overload, pain and poor recovery time. Episode with long-standing endurance will give up and have a "fear of practice" syndrome every time you see weightlifting. Do not stand at the end of the training depending on the technique when your episode is standard or not. Here, if you want to make a house set at home, please notice some small notes during the episode to be drawn from the female episode video of the female hair singer. When SquatsQuat is 1 of 3 exercises that require strength Strong full body, it consumes a lot of calories and needs high concentration. When Squat you need to compress slightly in the abdominal cavity, thereby keeping the back straight during the motion. In addition, the set points of 2 feet should be determined in accordance with each person's pelvis. The foot nose is located in the direction of the slightness and when the squat, your pillow is forced to open in the direction of the foot nose. It is possible because her thighs are slightly weak, so it has not opened the pillow. 2 pillows also pinturned together when we were up, it would be very susceptible to pillow pain. Butt but the fact you need a lot more. In order to keep the fixed and balanced password during the training process, she needed to tighten his blow with her shoulder. To do that, you need to find yourself a reasonable hand point so that the elbows and armpits are tight. The back on tightened with 2 parts of the shoulder blades close together. Want to tighten the blows, you need to increase the friction force between your skin with a blow. The use of additional pieces such as poker hair hidden risks of injury. In addition, the whole fingers must grasp the blow, so the blow is tight. It is like this hand, meaning that you don't work on the upper body for Squat that the deputy wears the entire pedal of the legs. With this loose, the fairy hair increases the level of dumbbells of 10kg and 20kg bars immediately shot butt and right thanks to the support of Mr. Commune. Additional additional articles for the 3rd round The fairy not only set each squat for the legs she also combined with Deadlift, Bulgarian Split Squat, Lunges, ... Sisters can combine Elbow Plank at the end of the training to improve the healthy Core.

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