Error When Skin Care Made You Fast

Many common mistakes to negatively affect the skin, from which to speed up the premature aging or hurt skin: 00: 00/2: 44 nam nuam has mistakes that are susceptible to skin care, making you rang Fee for a lot of time, money but the skin is still not good, even looks old, according to Eat this. If the skin care is wrong, whether using cosmetics or expensive beauty process, you still can't stop Signs of early aging appeared.1. Hot water heathline, hot water bath can cause dry skin and irritation. Hot water damages horn cells located in the outer epidermis

. When these cells are broken, the skin becomes dry, and reduces the ability to lock moisture. Dry skin promotes the formation of wrinkles sooner. Use hot water to bathe, wash your face as dry and peeled
Photo: bebeautiful. Hot water also does some skin conditions like eczema, the rash gets worse. Too much hot bath can also make you itch.Theo academy of American dermatology, the moderate warm water temperature is a suitable choice to wash your face or shampoo every day. Exfolving too many dead skin accumulates too much, they will make the pores clogged. Exfoliation becomes necessary to reduce lumps, hinder pores and acne. Proper exfoliation also promotes increased production of Colllagen. This is the key to maintaining fresh skin, reducing wrinkles and sagging. However, exfoliating will bring backward effects if excessively die-died skin creates irritation and rash Red on the skin. Photo: L'Oreal Paris
If the face is more susceptible to redness, itching or swelling is more than usual, the cause can come from the abuse of exfoliating. Dermatologist Joshua Zeichner in New York, USA , Exclit too much to create small cracks on the skin. Since then, hurt the skin protection fence leads to dehydration and more inflammation. If the skin protection fence is reduced function, the skin cannot hold the water inside, and is easily irritated. When it, the skin will decrease the elasticity, appearing a good condition, peeling good Even of rash or eczema. Many sun exposures Lovers like sunbathing or using leather-dyed beds to have healthy beasts. However, the consequences of this is that the skin is increasingly weakened. The skin is exposed to sunlight, skin dyeing equipment in unprotected conditions leading to DNA damage, changing skin cells. This happens in a long time making the skin aging quickly. The skin will soon form wrinkles, sagging, melasma, reducing the ability to recover or more seriously, skin cancer ... The sun is the leading skin agent. Photo: Allure.4. Do not take care of the skin early if the skin appears wrinkles, you are almost unable to save the situation. At that time, injuries accumulated for many years due to sun exposure, no sunscreen, excessive exfoliation ... showed a sign of aging. At this time, it is difficult or unavitable with the aging status with normal cosmetics. The wrinkle prevention becomes much easier when you soon apply appropriate skin care regime on the age of 20. There are 4 important indispensable skin care steps to maintain radiant and fresh appearance, including cleaning, exfoliating, moisturizing and sun protection. Anti-aging skin is easy to carry Early, the longer you will last the appearance of the signs of age.

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