Essential Needs And ‘osin’

Feedback and blame may be the responsibility but demanding and informing the response to Belgium in these days is selfish! Pretty many words about the lack ofness, inconvenience in the days of stressful distance. Some of them are true, the government needs to listen to support, take care of people better. But many are too strict and unreasonable when the requirements are not met. Some people also say the wards set out the combos when the government and the squadron to the market are imposed, forcing people to buy dishes I don't like. "My vegetable combo has three types but I just want to have two and want Select a vegetable in another combos? Going to the market, do you need to buy the whole food they don't like? "; "The menu is poor, the whole week has been bought once

. Help such people, as well as do it!" No government said these days could take care of you to eat well. "Essentials" are the needs that lack it, health and life may be affected. Thinking about tens of ten kernels, militia and ward cadres can serve tens of millions of people if tensioning needs of hobbyes days often to compare and judge? The government may be criticized to be unconcerned They let people lack hunger and have to admit there are places where there are not all things
But it is impossible to take the most inconvenience that each person is suffering to evaluate the efforts of the epidemic team in the grassroots level. This place is awkwardly embarrassing because of overloading so it has not yet, but also need feeling sorry. Specifically, where the government lacks responsibility that people do not take care of, so they have to contribute to that particular story and report to the right place for them to overcome. Do not take some things to inductive that the ward of the commune hesitant to the people. Low your needs lower than the day is often a way of sharing with the community! When blaming, think about doctors 12 Now compulsively in the protective suit; Thinking about the brothers and sisters to go to the supermarket instantly the people in the ward. The essential bridge cannot be as rich as a hobby, the "Osin" is the police, the army, ward officials how to meet the things you are Want in terms of regular day. Italy and blame may be the responsibility but requires and personnel for Belgium to apply in these days is selfish!

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