‘eternals’ Revealed A New Threat To The Marvel Superhero Universe

The newly released introduction of 'Eternals' reveals the first images of the deviants and the powerful universe entities known as Celestial.0: 00/1: 53Nam Northern Northern Hero Heroes Of Marvel Universe On August 19, the official trailer for "Eternals" was announced by Marvel Studios. The film is directed by Chlóe Zhao, bringing together many Hollywood stars, released in November.CNET to report the latest trailer for Eternals, superhero blockbuster from Marvel Studios, giving the audience Looking at the strength of the Eternal team as well as the enemy without the sky with them. The immortal alien race came to Earth from 7,000 years ago to protect humans from the attack of Deviant monsters

. The appearance of the Deviants, the new trailer also answered in the outside team Mostnesses do not appear in the battle against Thanos. "We are instructed not to interfere with human conflicts if the hazard does not come from deviant", Sersi (Gemma Chan) Answer Dane Whitman (Kit Harington) When he asked her the reason Eternals was absent in the battle against Thanos. Footage cut scenes when Dane is curious: "Who tells me?"
Angelina Jolie appeared in Trailer Eternals. Photo: Marvel Studios. In the second half of the trailer, the audience continues to witness the appearance of a Celestial, as well as Arishem The Judge. In comics, Celestials are the power created Eternaas as well as the Deviant.Eetals village group by Chlóe Zhao director. She is the first Asian female filmmaker to win the Oscar in the excellent director category and excellent film with Nomadland. Marvel Studios's superhero works are the first major bombing project Zhao implemented. Jackets can recognize the characteristic imprint in Chlóe Zhao's film style like majestic natural or The frame uses natural light in the movie. Chairman Marvel Kevin Feige has shared about cooperating with Zhao with Entertainment Weekly: "We think she is a filmmaker and have artistic vision and knowledge Superhero type. She was not inferior to anyone when talking about Manga, Star Wars or Marvel comics "
Meternals accumulating the cast with many Hollywood top faces like Richard Madden plays Power Ikaris, Gemma Chan is Sersi Loving human. Kumail Nanjiani transformed Kingo to hold power from the universe while Lauren Ridloff was assigned to the role of Makkari super speed.Brian Tyree Henry plays Phoste, genius inventor, Salma Hayek took on the role of Ajak spiritual leader with Ajak Wis bright wisdom. Lia MChugh is Sprite - the old soul bears a teenager's appearance. Ma Dong Seok was Gilgamesh, Barry Keoghan transformed into Druig to recover. The last character of the group is a female warrior Thena is undertaken by Angelina Jolie.Enernals is expected to be released from November 5. However, Disney has not yet set the official release plan for the title of the movie. This year, two other superhero movies of Marvel Studios were launched in theaters according to different tactics. Broid Widow was released in parallel in the theater and on Disney online service while Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will open exclusive in theaters in 45 days before boarding online platforms. Both the main actors of the titles, Scarlett Johansson and Luu Van, expressed their inappropriating this way.

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