Eu Is Worried About Russia And China In Afghanistan

The European Union (EU) is worried about Russia and China in Afghanistan in Afghanistan.0: 00/2: 04 Southern politicians in the European Parliament have called on EU Member States to develop A new strategy for Afghanistan, taking into account the existing power balance. The MPs said in a latest statement on Afghanistan situation that Russia and China "can fill the political gap" in Afghanistan . They proposed to participate in India, Iran and Pakistan in resolving the situation in the region. Chinese Chief of China Welcoming Taliban Baradar's No

. Hai Taliban in Tianjin on Tianjin on July 28 - Photo AFP . On August 17, the Foreign Minister of EU countries will discuss a new Afghanistan strategy and will try to find a common stance. Here are a few weeks, the Taliban gunmen has conducted an attack on The big cities of the country, on August 16, the Taliban completely controlled the border gate
Then, the warriors occupy the total diet Mini in Kabul, Head of Ashraf Ghani was forced to resign and flee Afghanistan. Russia Chief Lavrov recently had negotiations with representatives from a high-sized delegation of the Taliban. Truong left the capital, they were helicoptered to Kabul airport. US President Joe Biden on August 16 also said he did not regret the decision to withdraw troops from the region. About the situation in Afghanistan today, on August 17, Russian National Duma President - Mr. Vyacheslav Volodin, already Speaking a commentary. According to Russian Senator Vyacheslav Volodin, Afghanistan has become an event to demonstrate the collapse in the US External Policy. Russian National Duma President Vyacheslav Volodin. This politician notes that the whole The military time of American soldiers in Afghanistan was meaningless and ended in the tragedy. More than 250,000 civilians were killed by NATO activities and under the hands of the Taliban warriors
In addition, the number of weapons tests increased and the population became poor. Volodin stressed that this is a failure in the US foreign policy. According to Russian MPs, people can only predict what will happen next. Peace

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