Euro 2020: England, Italy Won Each Other Before The Finals

The EURO 2020 final on Wembley on the morning of July 12, it would be the opportunity for England to make a history for the first time in the championship, while Italy also desire to conquer the highest position after 53 years of standby Wait.9: 00/2: 29 South Southern finals between England and Italy are the heroic messages between the two teams with the best performance, both are unbeaten and very determined to win. Therefore, the coming match at Wembley promises to be very attractive, dramatic to the last minute.HLV Gareth Southgate cautiously before the final base because of the nature of the finals, both the entrance of England and Italy will have to be very Caution and ware of each other, just a mistake will have to pay a lot of expensive prices. The British Communications Words before the match, coach Gareth Southgate highly appreciates Italy and spends "winged" words for Roberto Mancini colleagues

. "Italy has a very modern gameplay with a spirit of competition and excellent energy source. They have tactics like all Italian teams outstanding before, but the play style may be different. I have been watching Italy very closely in the past 2 years, because I know the work that coach Roberto Mancini is doing
It was a special team, and no doubt, the two best representatives have reached the Euro 2020 final, "said the British captain said.Chiellini appreciated the oppidee while the captain Italy - Giorgio Chiellini highly appreciated the quality of the players before the final: "Harry Kane is a very difficult and perfect opponent. Of course, England didn't only have Harry Kane, because they also had a series of other-class attackers, in the middle, on the wings and on the bench. People like Jack Grealish, Jadon Sancho, Marcus Rashford, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Phil Foden or Jordan Henderson can sit out there, but no one dared to suspect their capacity. This will be a good match. Both teams have to work and respect their opponents ".Trung defend Leonardo Bonucci with Chiellini's opinion with Chiellini:" They have great strikers and we have to be extremely concentrated. They all know that England can create difficulties for Italy, especially at the speed of attackers. He has a strong defense and punctuation. Their midfielder, Maguire and Stones have played very impressively
"EURO 2020 finals, England with the advantage of Wembley, but Italy has also won ahead of Austria in the first round of 1/8 and West Nha in the semi-finals are also on this field. Not to mention in the match between the two teams 3 years ago, in Wembley, Azzurri had a "Tam Su" 1-1.

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