Euro 2020 On July 10: Mourinho Shows The Weakness Of His Team Before The Finals

Coach Jose Mourinho said, with a good form, goalkeeper Jordan Pickford is the weakest link of England before the Euro 2020 final with Italy.0: 00/3: 17th most weakest lines of England Jose Mourinho said that goalkeeper Jordan Pickford had no high form before the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy on July 11 here. Talk on Talk Sport, coach Jose Mourinho said: "I think Pickford is a player He uniquely didn't have a high form in the matches at Euro 2020. He was too hastily and worried, resulting in the decisions. Even when the ball was in Pickford's hand, he was also in a hurry

. Pickford needed Relaxing and lowering the hot head ".hlv Jose Mourinho said that goalkeeper Jordan Pickford was the weakest link of England. As Roma's new coach also said that Southgate coach and coach the recruitment goalkeeper must find a way to help Pickford is cleared
"With a goalkeeper, the most important thing is not how much you do to save, but don't Mourinho emphasized, Mr. Mourinho emphasized today, goalkeeper Pickford arrested both 6 matches for England at Euro 2020. The goalkeeper belongs to the payroll of Everton for the first time in the match against Denmark link. In addition, Pickford also made some mistakes in the semi-finals in the semi-finals, but fortunately without being punished by a Danish player. Italy was wild because Covid-19 Italy is very worried because there are 3 Communication staff followed a positive team with Covid-19. Three people with Covid-19 followed the Italian team during the journey in Euro 2020.This are employees of Rai TV channel, including a journalist and 2 technicians. Of these, two people were positive in London (England) after the semi-finals with Spain. The remaining people infected with SARS-COV-2 virus after the Italian team returned to Coverciano training camp. All members of the Italian team were vaccinated with Covid-19 before Euro 2020
In addition, Italy players Also not allowed to contact reporters as well as the media staff. However, the Italian team is still very wary when the Euro 2020 final has been very close. Coverciano (Florence) training camp was immediately closed. Disinfection has also been emergency conducted. If there is a case of Covid-19, the Italian team will face big difficulties because according to regulations, infected members and close contact cases will not be allowed Go to London to attend the final game. Italy Army Giorgio Chiellini. The Italian Army complimented England to the interview on the UEFA homepage before the Euro 2021 finals, Captain Italy - Giorgio Chiellini unfortunately praise Harry Kane striker and the quality of England's attack in this Euro period. "Harry Kane was a very difficult opponent. I was impressed with him. I also confronted Harry Kane in Tottenham's shirt. He is a striker model who knows how to play backwards and releases the defensive passes to his teammates, "said defender Giorgio Chiellini said that Harry Kane was able to score comprehensively from heading, running Attendance to close to the long distance.Giorgio Chiellini also said that the British team has a series of classic attackers, in the middle, in the wings and on the bench. This will be a good match. Both teams have to be overweight and respectful of the opponent. "The ITALY Leader will confront the England captain in the upcoming Euro 2020 final. In the past, Giorgio Chiellini had 3 times encountered Harry Kane striker and had unbeaten achievements.

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