Euro Final: British Be Careful

Italians appeared in the final, not only to recruit him to face the most difficult opponent, but even UEFA had to work out about the 'old foxes' from the country of the Fall 0: 00/5: 06 Southern Ask of Chiellini, Italy is said to have played the Psychology of the Spanish captain with extremely intimate actions in the arbitration during the referee to release the coin to choose a shot Save the most important thing to own the beauty of "goddess", exudes the ceiling, attractive and charming. Some star stars are like a politician, elegant and full of authority. For example, the former player Alessandro Costacurta. He was set by Italian fans to the nickname "Senator", a comprehensive intellectual work on the pitch.Costacurta was the only and unique player not only of Italian after leaving the pitch was buried in the library

. Costacurta knows how to turn 5 foreign languages, with two university degrees, making MC for a spent music music program and has a large knowledge of painting and history. But Costacurta again .
. does not represent the Italian Bridge In general, it does not represent the Italian defenders in particular. Because Costacurta did not play tricks, do not use the tissue "take advantage before the opponent". Other colleagues are the opposite. They always go to the yard with both expertise and a lot of tricks that make the enemy want to be kind to be peaceful! The whole world knows the title of Matterazzi's "lucky" title, typically inhibiting the inhibition Zinedine Zidane made a shot of heads and received a red card, so that afterwards, France lost the World Cup Championship 2006. The midfielder had a face that was like a demon, and the godfather was always terror of the strikers. Front Matterazzi, recruiting Italy and countless newly solid and solid rock players. Euro 1980 and the 1982 World Cup, Michel Platini of France, Diego Maradona of Argentina, Rumenigger of Germany with a series of world attack stars ever obsessed with the level of "caughtness" with the shadows of Italian defender Claudio Gentile .Not, while clinging, Gentile also "touches" and there are words that have the intention to inhibit with the enemy, making them unable to play normally. The referees that were not serious, now and Gentile took full use of this gap to "face" all the stars he was assigned to the pair
Italians who have been successful with the defenders of playing "oppose the opponent" like that. However, it is not only the defenders, but the entire attendance members know how to join together Psychological wars before important opponents. After the semi-finals between England and Denmark, Chiellini, Verratti, then the indigenous communication in Italy has spoken up with the opponent. "Old father" Chiellini on behalf of the team, "reminded" both England and UEFA on the home yard advantage that teachers coach Gareth Southgate enjoyed. "Hi guys, it's easy to guess that the England will come to the finals because they have 6 home play matches," said the leader of the captain to open the press conference on July 8 before the practice session. A statement full of implications! Next, right after the rehearsal, Chiellini launched the second punch when praising: "Recruitment using the reserve team is enough to champion Euro". Easy to see, this midfielder wants to create a "blind spot" in front of his young player, let them reduce their determination and partly, see the opponent softer. Before that, he was also "Soi" Chiellini's tricks with Jordi Alba in the coin launched a penalty kick when the Battle of Spain - Italy ended after 120 minutes. As a result, the Italian recruiting has the advantage when the "gun fight" took place on the owner of the Italian fans and recruiting Italy won after Morata's corrupted shot.Sau Chiellini, Verratti - the midfielder always debate the most with Referee, opponents in all matches, from PSG to recruit Italy - Speaking ... Praise Danny Makkelie: "The referee has shown good virtue when generous with England with a decision to blow penalty Denmark" . And like Chiellini, this leg immediately praised the quality British player and coach Southgate was the best of the Mist. A day after the statement of two Italian pillars, the indigenous press enters. La Gazzetta Dello Sport describes the Danish defender with sterling "without existence" and they put a question about transparency in "whether or not UEFA supports the home team?" Gazzetta Dello Sport also emphasizes aspects, UEFA "may want to respond to" British Prime Minister Boris Johnson because he is a strong voice, supporting the cancellation of Super League, where 6 large clubs include Man City, MU , Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Arsenal "tip" started. A series of psychological psychology before the final battle was thrown into communications that could not have a key factor to help them win against England. However, certainly one thing is UEFA, the television station and the teacher of the coach Gareth Southgate must also be extremely cautious when the finals take place. Var must work and intervene stronger if the same case matches Denmark occurs. And UEFA, they will have to do some soothing moves

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