Europe Recorded A Record Hot In History

Sicily Island (Italy) can have just undergone the hottest day in European history, according to the preliminary report from local meteorological houses <: 00/2: 57nam namsyracuse, a city on the Sicily Island coast The temperature was recorded as 48.8 degrees C on August 11. If the measurement of the world meteorology confirms, it will break the record of the previous 48 degrees Celsius of Europe recorded in Athens in 1977. Measuring measurement is carried out in the horrified hot sun. Mediterranean area for more than a week, causing cruel forest fires to destroy multiple houses and robs many lives in Italy, Greece, Algeria and Turkey, according to AP news agency Syracuse Francesco Tell La Repubblica that: The record hot temperature causes many people to worry

. Our ecosystem - one of the most richest and precious ecosystems in Europe - is in danger. According to government statistics, firefighters have handled 44,442 forest fires From June 15 - a significant increase in figures compared to 26,158 fires reported in the summer of last year. Italian fire and rescue service wrote on Twitter that their firefighters fought With over 500 flames in Sicily and Calabria alone from Wednesday night to Thursday morning (August 12), using 5 aircraft to extinguish the flame from above
There are 4 cases of mortality related to Fire in the past week in southern Italy, including a 77-year-old shepherd was found in the Calabria regional death. The victim man is said to be looking for a hideout in a farm house with her herd when he dies, according to the AP.Theo tee, the hot sunshine in the south of the country Italy is due to a reversal vortex - a high-pressure region makes the air stuck inside it sink - forming on North Africa. Vortex has been invalidated to be a nickname of Lucifer. Lucifer is expected to move north across Italy, continuing the hot sunshine in the journey towards Rome. The forest continues to spread many other areas of South Europe and North Africa this week, Destroy many villages in Greece and forced thousands of people to evacuate. On August 11, President Algeria announced that Quoc Tang 3 days after the number of people died of forest fires increased to 65. In Turkey, a forest fire occurred near the coal thermal power plant in the southwest coast Also makes the country to deploy evacuation orders. On August 9, a report from the Intergovernmental Commission on Climate Change (IPCC) of the United Nations has clearly warned that Earth expected will reach the critical threshold of the temperature increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius (2
7 degrees F) due to climate change in the next 20 years. The report that the Secretary-General of the United Nations António Guuterres describes "Code Red for mankind ", warning that harsh hot waves, droughts and floods will become more and more popular when the planet continues to heat up. Insert Guterres said in a statement:" Alarm bells It is rang and evidence that we see is indisputable: greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and deforestation are making our planet suffocating and making billions of people in danger. If combining forces right now, we can prevent climate disaster. But there is no time to delay and there is no place for excuses. "

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