Europe ‘reel “with A Record Hot Sun And Tens Of Thousands Of Forest Fires

Warning professionals, record hot sunshowers and serious forest fires are a clear sign of climate change. Extremely harsh weather phenomena will continue, even with intensity and frequency of day a worse than 200:00 / 2: 51 South of the South forests, the disappointed faces of people People because the crops are lost due to forest fires are a scene being witnessed in many European countries. The record hot waves and violent fires in the past half months have created a fire belt along the south forests: firefighters and volunteers are trying to extinguish the forest fire in Markati village , Near Greece's Athens, August 16, 2021. Photo: REUTER NGOCS, the worst hot sunshine within 30 years, recalled the memories of a terrible fire season in 1987 who lobby of more than 1,500 people alone in Greece. Mobilizing hundreds of firefighters, and many fire planes to prevent new forest fires breaks around Athens, making people in many villages to evacuate emergency

. New forest fires occur after about 600 forest fires outbreaks across Greece in the past week in the context of strong harsh heat. Fire on an area of more than 1,000 km2 burned many houses, property, pine forests, cattle and wildlife. "This is a tragedy that cannot be described
It will be worse if the children are here, my grandchildren. But too, no one is here and the human life is not lost, "a person shared. In the south of France, the worst forest fire in the summer of 2021 has killed a person and 22 people suffered love. The fire has burned about 7,000 hectares of the forest in the VAR, which is famous for the forests, vineyards and rich animals, since the outbreaks in Plaine Des Maures Nature Reserve earlier this week . According to Mr. Thomas Dombry, Mayor La Garde-Freinet, this region has never witnessed such a fast fire forest fire, with the speed of LAN fire estimated to be 3-4 times as usual. Not only Greece or France, Large forest fires continuously continuously raging in Italy, Spain or most Portugal. Tens of thousands of fires have broke out after more consecutive hot days of over 40 degrees Celsius. Although this is a common problem in the Mediterranean basin, which has a hot dry weather every summer, but gas experts The warning of forest fires will happen more often due to global warming. Reality, in recent years, the impact of forest fires for humans and nature has increased throughout Europe
Despite the impact minimized efforts, more than 400,000 hectares of the natural forest area in the European Union were burned down in October 2020, twice the average in the past 12 years. Statistics are exactly damages that this year's forest fires are caused. But one thing is certain that the next year is always higher than the previous year and continuously the sad record records are confirmed. The executive president of the European Green Agreement Program Frans Timmermans acknowledges, people have a great pressure Go to the forests around the world. With a higher risk of forest fire due to increasing temperatures and droughts are increasing, protecting forests are stronger, preventing better and responding faster is very important ./. Thu Hoai / VOV1 synthetic

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