European Union Ban Ban For Anonymous Virtual Money Transactions

The European Union is proposing banning anonymous electronic money transactions as part of a broader plan to prevent money laundering and terrorist funding. The European Union is proposing to ban hidden electronic money transactions List as part of the wider plan to prevent money laundering and terrorist sponsorship. The EU plan is announced on Tuesday, including some proposals to enhance monitoring of financial transactions, including the establishment of a new EU agency with about 250 employees to monitor talented organizations It is risky and prohibits cash transactions higher than 10,000 euros (11,800 USD). The physical, EU will ban the cards for anonymous electronic money, according to an EU flyer, with the European Commission, saying that the European Commission said Systems like Bitcoin should be adjusted by the same rules such as conventional bank transfer. "We should not have different rules for the financial system

. They should also apply on digital currencies, "said EU Financial Services Commissioner, MaiRead McGuinness said at a press conference on Tuesday. This package will have to be the European Parliament and the European Council Through, this can be a prolonged process. The EU said their goals are to bring the new anti-money laundering agency to operate starting in 2024
McGuinness said: "Money laundering causes current and clear threats to citizens and organizations democracy and financial system. "Today's effort significantly enhances our efforts to prevent dirty money laundering through the financial system" .duy reached

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