‘ever Translation, I Will …’: Towards A Bright Future

Each person has a different role, responsibility in society, just doing its jobs, complying with regulations and cooperation, will definitely soon overcome Pandemic Covid-190: 00/4: 27nam domain Namyou read Nguyen Ngoc Quang Vinh: Experience new things to supervise the project, directly under Turner Vietnam Company, managing the Public Interior Furniture Package and Restaurant in Hilton Saigon Hotel Construction Project . Preview of the pandemic, life with me is every day going back between the site and the house. I ignored many things, focusing on "burning" hard at work. It is a busy day of the busy day. Thich outbreaks, the interval of social interpretation is not easy but thereby help me realize that family feelings and friends

. I also have the opportunity to look back, restructure how to think, act to grow stronger after greater pandemic.Hong translation, I will spend time experience life, participate in outdoor activities, collection Reverse traveling with family, participate in festival activities with friends, register for several skills skills, participate in cultural and sports classes in cultural houses .
. too many desires But not not feasible to arrange time. Each person has a different role, responsibility in society, just doing its jobs, complying with regulations and cooperation will soon be over together Through Great Covid-19, follow me, when the pandemic passes, we need to focus more on the training of health workers, upgrading medical industry infrastructure, strengthening hospitals as well as There is a policy to support the life of health workers. This is also an opportunity to recognize how to distribute resources and resources in society. Bui Vien walking, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City The days of epidemic has not been outbreaked (Photo: Hoang Trieu) Read Tran Ngoc Thanh Phuong : Discover the beauty of the country where I am quite safe, have never been blocked or positive. This is a penguin alley, few houses, residents are highly conscious in the prevention of epidemic. I practice for a foreign company on Digital Marketing. Work is mainly running with software, market research. Working at home, the first time was even embarrassed, then I recorded what the schedule every day would do, specifically and exactly like when I go to work so everything is smooth. Save quite a lot of time moving, I use on other useful, such as preparing a nutritious breakfast
There are 2 things I want to do most after translation are controlled, it is going out City and travel far away. I will go to knowledge, enjoy coffee flavor, listen to music and watch the line of people back and forth; Running a car with all corners, familiar roads, taking pictures. After that, I will plan a long trip: Da Lat, Northwest for example. Go to refresh the spirit and will accelerate the plans that I am aiming to. In the short term, I will take care of health, spirituality, implementation of anti-epidemic regulations for the city to overcome the epidemic, continue to realize dreams. You read Phan Thi Thailand: wish Usually this side of the fence ranges in the days of social distance, listening to the conflicts of neighbors, my heart feels too much. Locality I only apply in Directive 15 so all activities are still quite stable. Everyone is normal, trying to keep the principle of 5k. Her own, the number of ticket sales had to stop long ago. Occasionally, I help my mother's mother sign a few rice, some necessities need to seem to be afraid to shy when I received the help from me. The gourd column for people. Health is not enough for long drying in the sun or rain, many days of exhaustion, night on hot fever, the next day continues to work. She said the job of selling hard lottery tickets but when she was tired, she could take a break, not being invented. How much to sell, receive a commission. She hopes to epidify the disease quickly to life back to normal. My division, weak health, I only do housework. Since the epidemic, I cannot return to Ho Chi Minh City to check the disease. Many times I'm tired of people who are only trying to overcome. This stage, everyone has difficulties and individuals. She looks forward to the translation to sell lottery tickets back; I look forward to the epidemic to re-examine heart disease. Things are so normal, we have never thought about it, now it is a desirable, desire. Love is not related to a relative but affection is more than the meat. The days I am studying, I am always helping, just tell me the right things. I went to me orphaned orphan from small, having to roll the appeal to help me raise your mother. The 15-year-old went to work, but still passed college, still accumulating money to pay tuitions. After this, I came to school, two children still often contacted. I married the wife, I went home to my house at 3-4 days to help. When translating outbreaks, I was believed to relapse the old disease, became severe and died. I quietly, burst into tears because of the day

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