Every Dark Husband Returned To The Late, I Beloved To Watch And Watch It To Cry Before The Truth

Walking around my husband is very or late, there are days until late at night. I asked only a penguin answer that he increased CA.0 am: 00/3: South of the South we fell in love for more than 2 years to get married. He is a handsome person, who knows how to say it is to manage so many girls in the company. But somehow he looked hit me even though I didn't seem outstanding looks of appearance

. We are very clear in the public and private jobs, so despite being in love with each other, it still seems like a normal colleague , do not reveal any action or gesture too close. So when we sent pink cards, everyone was unexpected, a lot of girls in the junky company discussed and spoke of the shadow of me. After a wedding, he was extremely thoughtful in everything that made me extremely happy
Every time I work on you, I can't cook, do housework. Sometimes you call my parents' health every time we don't visit because it's too busy. My pink spillover is out of my face, so girls in the company have hated me today The more you added the last part. Next year I'm pregnant, he hugged it from which he won all the housework. My job at home only sat looking at him and smiling happily. I was pregnant until the 3rd month, I met unfortunately, due to my pregnancy, so I fell stairs. My husband panicked me into the hospital. The doctor said I was a pregnancy, needed to stay in a 1-week hospital for further monitoring. Since then I and my husband are more careful than before. Because I'm afraid of affecting you so I would like to stay in mind to stay in a mindful house
The smart house at home full-time should go to the market, cook rice, do gentle work, read books, learn more about pregnancy process , raising children and waiting for her husband to work again. Recently my husband is very or late, there are days until late at night with a tired face, he also seems indifferent to me than before. It only received a deadly answer that he increased ca. But when he also increased the song, it was very suspicious. The spirit told something that he was hiding, so I texted her friends and friends to question. It turned out that he lied, every day he melted on time, but there was no way to increase the shift. That day, I watched now I was about to dissolve to make a taxi to watch how it was. Right 5:30 'My husband launched the car out of the company gate but followed the opposite direction with the way home. I told my talent to follow my husband to see where you go. It was a while I saw him stopping with a public toilet. Replace the white shirt with a grab shirt that made me not realize. Just when you board the car, I know it's my husband. I go home to wait for your husband. Today he came earlier than every day and was a box of abalone porridge, he told me to eat hot. I told me that I knew what he had to run Grab, so he didn't need to lie to increase the shift. He was originally unexpected because he was discovered. Then he said that his monthly salary was slightly reduced because the epidemic stretched, the company had trouble, so he ran Grab to earn a little bit of savings later for me.Nghe husband said that, I burst into tears to get him . It turned out I was thinking wrong for him. I thought he had a mistress outside. I thought you loved me ... but I loved me more than I thought. I cried for my brief injury. I cried for regret myself thought wrong for him. I have a good life before I eat well, so this life has just got the husband like him.

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