Every Day Apply 4 Ways To Take Care Of Oily Skin When Working In Front Of The Computer To Better Protect The Skin

During these days at home, remember to take care of the skin properly to regulate the amount of oil that does not exceed the permitted level. Like 8 hours in front of the computer, minus relaxing time. However, you probably do not know if you work continuously, the skin will be affected equivalent to the skin that must be exposed to the sunshine regularly. This likes dead skin cells that produce and make skin dehydration, thereby making the sebaceous gland more oil. With home working days because of this disease, take advantage of skin care properly to regulate the amount of oil that does not exceed the permitted level! Gentle cleaning is an important and necessary steps but if you wash your face Only one day will lose the basic humidity in the protection barrier, causing the sebaceous glands on the skin details

. You should wash your face with warm water to clean the oil on the skin more effective than cold water and remember not to wash your face more than 2 times a day. Choose a suitable cleaning product is a way to protect the skin. With oily skin girls, gel-shaped cleansing products with the ability to grant enough moisture will be best suited
After washing your face within 1 minute, you should apply immediately toner or booster to create a protective film , balance the amount of moisture and the amount of oil needed on the skin. Illustration. Water supply for Dakhi is lacking water, the skin will increase oil production, using moisturizer will cause their skin overloaded. However, you can completely improve this situation by using oil-free moisturizing creams or gels. Skin care products that do not contain oil-based components will keep your skin moistenically fit, and control excess oil. Simplify the makeup steps familiar makeup steps like background cream, cheeks or create The more important blocks are in the summer and under the heat effect of the load. So take a break, skip the Makeup and focus on skin care stages. Don't forget to prepare a sunscreen tube that is resistant to green light. Using the absorbent paper properly with hot dry weather, the skin becomes a shadow of oil, greasy and sisters must have a habit of using absorbent oil. Although it will be good but don't think that abuse of oil absorbing paper because the continuous drying of excess oil will cause natural oil films to have a role in protecting the skin
You should not rub the paper on the skin because this action can cause irritation and oil spread, soon press the paper on the skin and keep the whole 3-5 seconds.Theo well and beautiful

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