Every Hard Work Can Never Be Wealthy

Ric Edelman - Financial Services cum CEO said: 'If all you do your life is hardworking, you will never become rich'. Besides attempts and hard work, there are many other factors that decide on your success. Be normal people, we are always firmly believed that only skilled, "with iron grinding dates ", As long as we work hard, it will definitely be rewarded. However, the unbeaten "needle" is exhausted by illness and the difficulties of life. Some people say thinking of deciding the aisle, thinking of weaving should life

.Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi , said: "Many people use diligence to paralyze themselves, cover their strategic laziness" so many people think that working hard can win, here Is a big mistake. Trying blindly is just trying to try. The force is not a simple repetition of pure body movements, which is a continuous thinking process, inter To act
A whale was discovered dead on the meadow, 800 meters from the coast. After the investigation, this whale had driven into the coast and stranded, hoping to roll back to the sea. Really Unfortunately, it went wrong direction and ran to the pasture in the opposite direction until death. This is true for people. In this world, there are too many people working hard but goes wrong. Mandarin Weighing more speeds, the choice is more important than the hardness of the life of life because the planner itself is designed and built by its own fate, the less people The more money is worried about, the less the money is worried. So, they sighed, why did I work hard but still the Coc? That's because you never thought about implementing practical and effective actions for my goals or dreams. Before, in a country with a golden fever so people around the world quickly Go to search. When people are peaching gold, a businessman is also present but does not participate in digging, after an observation period, he sells shovels and other tools for gold mining. The golden waterfall does not earn a lot of money, but the businessman earns a lot of money
The golden digger is extremely poor, diligent, but finally nothing. The shovel seller is the rich, can earn a lot of money without overworking. The difference between the two people lies in thinking. The poor follow this trend, there are wrong ways of thinking, while entrepreneurs have a vision to look at the opportunity after thinking. Life can happen. All success is the result of intentional management. If you have ideas and know how to take advantage, in fact, everyone can live better now. The biggest way between the poor and the rich is not at wealth, which is in thinking. Poor people are afraid of risks, rich people like risks. Poor people work hard, but ignore the choice, while the rich have chosen right before they work hard. Temporary noise But the terrible thing is that the way of thinking itself will be poor for life. If the poor want to become rich, think more importantly to work hard. If you are also worried about "work hard and not better", it is better to adjust your thoughts . Nothing in the world is easy, when we change their way of thinking, we will change everything. According to giadinhonline.vn

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