Everyone Knows Skin Care From Tomato Mask But This Is The Most Effective Way

Skin care from tomato mask is a way to get loved by many sisters to make skin better. Adding a skin beauty formula from tomatoes that you should belong to <: 00/0: 00 Southern Souvenir is one of the familiar materials of the kitchen, there are many good effects on health and also Women's sisters take advantage of skin care. The tomato mask is recommended because it contributes to making white skin smoother, acne treatment, restoring sunburn skin and providing the necessary moisture for the skin. However, few people know that the stone facial massage is made from tomatoes, it makes dozens of times more than the conventional mask. Use tomatoes to help skin smooth and anti-oxidation skin is a "new brand" formula from tomatoes to help you improve your skin quickly: raw tomato raw material (should choose ripe tomatoes, not crushing and ensuring food safety; You also have Self-planting tomatoes for skin care and processing of dishes)

.5 Vitamin E1 capsules Trays to make the blender to make tomato ice Massage Massage face 1: tomatoes washed, then soak in saltwater diluted 15 Minutes to remove toxins, chemicals. Water 2: Take tomatoes into small pieces, put all the seeds, then put into the blender, grinding about 2-3 minutes. Prevention 3: Use the filter The juice part, remove the residue, put into a bowl and then extract the solution from the 5 vitamin e tablets into and stir the hands
Because 4: Pour the mixed mixture on the stone tray, remove and the freezer for freezing History d . You can separate them from the tray, put it in a zip bag and use it gradually. Nguyễn Tomato, mix with vitamin E and put it into the tray to build the east of tomatoes using the face of clean face with cleanser Warm water to remove all dirt and dead cells. Then take 1 tomato stone wrapped in the bucket cloth and rub lightly to the skin until it melt all the stone. Use tomato stone to massage your face every day to tighten pores and erase the blur to the measure This regularly every night before going to bed to smooth white skin, tighten pores and blur every extra streak caused by acne. Above all, the face massage from such tomato rocks also contributes to the way the blood vessel on the face is better circulated, the skin adds elasticity.

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