Everyone Knows The Formula For Whitening From Rice Water, But If The Wrong Use Can Damage The Skin

Rice water has ever been known to be a safe and effective natural whitening formula. However, the use of rice water properly, not everyone knows.02 / 3: 00 Southern skin whitening method from rice water is favored by Japanese people, this is how most women Japan applies. But to use rice water properly, bringing beauty effects in a maximum way without causing bad effects to the skin, not every sister to understand.1

. Why is the rice water rice again considered a natural whitening formula? In fact, rice water is known to be a natural skin beauty formula due to the results, the outer shell of rice seeds is not only Contains vitamins but also contains many beneficial minerals. With vitamins and minerals in the outer crust of rice particles, it effectively improves skin that is not inferior to care products And other skin care. However, only used properly, new rice water is as effective as expected
The use of wrong rice water can also cause many harm to the skin, even causing skin damage. The skin whitening from the rice water is very popular in Japan - Internet2. How can I use the water in the wrong way to harm the skin? - One of the harmful effects when using rice water to nourish wrong skin is causing itching and facial allergy. Rice water but also the rice husk or mold shells can make your skin rash. At the same time, for natural beauty products can also cause allergy depending on each person's locality. - Use water to rice skin care wrong skin causing acne. Fish eggs will export If it does not use the wrong rice water because, during storage, rice may contain dirt caused by the external environment. This also said that this is the cause of acne-acne. - Making accumulation of skin harms if skin care with water is wrong. Note that, although rice water is considered Safe and efficient white skin care formula
However, for rice that does not guarantee the origin may contain impurities that cause harm to the skin such as pesticides, moisture-proof drugs, anti-termite drugs, ... for the use of the The type of rice containing these impurities will cause the condition of skin harms on the skin and harm the skin. Want to use rice water to whiten the skin to use the second rice water - Photo Internet3. How to use rice water is properly? Clearly, rice water offers many benefits in skin care. However, in order to achieve the effectiveness of skin care as expected, it is necessary to pay attention to the right way to nourish the skin with the highest efficiency. To beautify with rice water, it should be noted that some issues are as follows: - Need to select rice originated, safe to use rice water of that type of rice is not harmful to the skin. - During the process, the rice water filter needs to use clean tools. Note, to prevent an allergic, stimulating skin, should use rice water on the skin in a small area before use on the whole skin. - The first rice water seems to contain many vitamins and More minerals, however the rice water will first contain both impurities and dirt. Therefore, want to use rice water to whiten the skin needs to use the rice is the second rice. Hope with the above information, sisters can apply skin whitening measures with safe, effective rice water Best. According to Khanh Linh / Enterprise

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