Evnnpt Owns The Control Technology Integrated Substation

The power transmission grid plays a role as 'backbone' in the national electrical system, in which the transformer station control system is likened to the heart. Approval of that important problem, standing in front of problems Difficulties in managing and operating control systems Integrated transformer stations, National Power Transmission Corporation (EVNNPT) have built strategies and transparent steering. Since its establishment in July / 2008, EVNNPT assigned the technical committee to take on the advisory function throughout the technical management in both the operation and management of technical evaluation designs in investment in construction of transmission systems Download this (2011) unified model of EVN, EVNNPT has shifted the technical evaluation function in construction investment to the construction investment and now the investment management board. In 2017, EVNNPT established Electrical Transmission Technical Services Company (NPTs), NPTs are tasked with researching to own automation technology on transmission grid. Technology in the field of automation of transformer stations, EVNNPT has a policy to select engineers to send technology to train technology transfer

. - In 2011, EVNNPT collaborated with Toshiba to organize technical training courses Intensive monks about the protection and control system in Japan.- From 2015, EVNNPT collaborated with Siemens to organize an intensive training course on Siemens's Siemens Pas control system in Germany. 2018, soon after NPTs was established, this unit has continued to inherit intensive training courses to send students to participate in technology transfer training from ABB
Sau training courses, practitioners Additional basic knowledge and in-depth skills on Siemens Siemens system, Microscada of ABB. Currently, the group of practitioners has been tasked to self-implementing projects related to Sicam Pas and Microscada control systems in the power transmission system. Equipped clearly the importance of human resources for the system Computer control system in substation, EVNNPT assigned NPTs to select engineers with good knowledge base in control system - protection at technical service centers to implement training strategies And transferring technology to automate transformer stations. To date, NPTs have trained engineering forces at technical service centers, although the quantity is not much but with the ability to capture and master Technology at a number of transformer station control systems, these engineers can fully make configuration declarations to expand, edit control systems during operation. Operating the transformer station 220 KV Thuy Nguyen (Hai Phong), the first digital transformer station of EVN training in the field of automation of the transformer station is always uncle Weight and advanced. EVNNPT applies the form on Job Training - Training through the construction process directly at the works. This form helps the person trained to capture all stages of preparation to implement construction and electrical acceptance. Thereby, the trained person will have both knowledge and experience practiced at the same time. To update the latest trends on the automation system of transformer stations, EVNNPT has contacted experts and nests Training positions are names in the world and in the region, inviting them to implement training knowledge. EVNNPT organized in collaboration with TNB R

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