Evolutionary Birds To Drink Survival Blood

Limited food sources that make them change to adapt to harsh living environment. The island of Galapagos (Ecuador) is famous for being a rich ecosystem with strange animals and plants. Vampire sparrow is a native species here. They are commented by scientists to "evolve" to adapt to the environment. Photo: Bernard Gallay

. Evolution does not talk about transforming into other species. This term is only outside of eating seeds, larvae, which sucks the blood of larger birds with a sharp mine. According to studies, blood suck helps increase the survival of this bird
Photo: Wired. Vi drink blood really unusual for sparrow. Smithsonian Science Magazine said the species began living in Darwin Island and Wolf Island (with the Galapagos Islands) from 500,000 years ago. Charles Darwin, a British natural house, came to the archipelago in 1835. He observed the difference between the diet of the sparrows of the island and realizing the size of the sparrow mine will change based on Available food sources. Photo: NHM. Darwin and Wolf Island are separate compared to other islands in the archipelago. Exceptional harsh conditions and rare foods, can even disappear in the dry season. Vampire sparrow lives on the island with some seabirds, red-legged birds .
. Photo: Galapagos insiders. Feeding parasites to live on the skin and feathers of these large birds. Long gradual, they started developing strange hobbies that attract colors while arresting parasites. Since then, vampire sparrow uses a sharp mine to approach blood source through the wing of big birds. The sparrow often helps big birds to "clean up" parasites probably caused them to be against blood sucking. Photo: Animal Spots. The researchers Kiyoko Gotanda, Daniel Baldassarre and Jaime Chavez said blood to survival only was done only when other food sources such as grain, scarcity. Blood contains less essential nutrients and too much salt, iron. However, vampire sparrow possesses an intestinal bacteria that digest these two substances. Therefore, they are ready to use this "food" source as needed. Photo: Tropilobab. Also, vampire sparrow also has a habit of stealing and eating eggs of other species. They push eggs into stone with legs and use mine to make cylinders until the egg breaks out. This species also eat both birds and fish remains from other predators. Photo: Picuki.Hoai Anh

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