Excavating Chinese Ancient Graves 1,600 Years Old, Unexpectedly Found 2 Sets Of Remains In The ‘romeo And Juliet’ Position

On August 16, Chinese archaeologists announced the excavation results of the unique 'grave "with two graves that shared a coffin in extremely romantic posture.00 Position / 2: 05 Southern August 16, Chinese archaeologists have announced the results of excavating the tomb of the North Ward dynasty (386-534) in the city of Dai Dong, Son Tay Province, China. This is a throne Tomb of a male a female was discovered in 2020, but the interesting thing is that both owners are in a coffin, different from the method of fighting two familiar coffins in history. More specifically, both died in romantic postures such as the title character in the novel "Romeo and Juliet". The first two graves were discovered in Dai Dong, Shanxi, China

. Photo: China Newstheo results published in the international archaeological journal, male comedy in the coffin tilting on the left, putting his hand on the waist and hugging the reinforcement of women. The woman leaning her head in the man's shoulder, the left hand put on the relatives of the south, in the hand, wearing a slippery silver ring in the Ut Finer. Bone analysis results also show that the male master Must be fractured and infected, while the remains of female owners are relatively healed
The master master wears a silver ring on the youngest finger, this is likely to show more love or marriage As a mere jewelry. Photo: China NewsViets have not healed in the right hand of the owner in the tomb. Photo: China New Chinese archaeological experts are surprised by this discovery, they call this "grave hug" of 1,600 years old. This is not the first time a couple of lovers in the embrace posture discovered in the old tombs. In 2008, Italian archaeologists also discovered the remains of 2 members of 6,000 years old in Valdaro village In face-to-face positions, legs shrink and bracelet hug each other. Experts call this discovery is the "Valdaro village lovers" and it is likely that they have died when hugging each other in a sharp night. The new archeographies in Dai Dong are relatively similar to the "village lovers Valdaro "was excavated in Italy in 2008. Photo: Live Science Unable to conclude the cause of death of two remains in Dai Dong city. Experts who identify the area of Dai Dong are the interference of ethnic cultures under the North Wei, so the contemporaries have a way to show more bold affection. "Hugging tombs" in China Can open new knowledge about social ideology and conception of human love in the ancient society we have never known
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