Excavating The Talented Son’s Tomb Of Liu: Overturning The Mysterious Death After 1,800 Years, The Father Did Not Expect!

My General Wei under retailing is the outstanding character, the title only behind Jacquany, his whole son is also a magic prodigy right from the small.02: 00/3: 23 men After the heavy rain in July 2016, a storm flushed to Han Trung, Shaanxi Province, China. The next morning people unintentionally discovered a sign of ancient tombs that appeared on the road, the experts of the Chinese Ruins were quickly at the scene immediately after receiving the news. After carrying out the work Simple survey, due to the influence of big storms for many days, the archaeological team must perform excavation work immediately to quickly rescue this ancient tomb. Only 2 days later, the archaeological team was Entering it inside the grave and a scene in front of her eyes, causing people to not get "the eyes of A, the word O"

. Outside looks like a shabby simple look like that, it has just arrived in the ground and within the coffin filled with porcelain, pearls, gold and silver with the typical of the Han house. inside the grave. Images: Neteap Total amount of burial relics found in this roadside grave up to nearly 100 dishes
It is really a non-trivial number for such a simple burial grave! The bizarre body with 33 golden gears, takes notes on the beer, archaeologists have basically identified identities of the grave owner. It is Puppy - Deputy Minister of Tu (Son both but of the card) of Wei Dien. The birth of Couple is unknown, estimated at the period of puppet has stepped into the house but has not yet been established Thailand is famous as the General Housing General of the Three Kingdoms in China's history. In the Northern Campaign of Jaccong's penalty, he served as a military master, Chinh west of the General Military, fake, the Han median official, Nam Trinh hung (only behind the prime minister of Libh Luong). Photo of General Wei Dien on Movie. Photos: Sohabyong spare parts were different from the humble father, he always expressed himself as a martial arts proficient with the Falm for the Exterior. Couple also opposes his father's arrangement intentions for themselves. Do not be angry, the more opposite the gastrointestinal boy is better than this person. In 221, AD, Liu was written, Wei Dien became the North General. However, soon afterwards, Poupons suffered a severe and unfortunate disease
Crime of pain is extremely sad about the exit too early of loved son, so he found a feng shui On the outskirts of Han Trung, buried in weight and placing a large amount of precious burials at it. As usual, the archaeologists opened the coffin of Cups to determine which burials are also inside or not. However, after opening a coffin, they saw a very "monstrous" corpse, turning out to the corpse of Cups as a black body. Through autopsy, experts given the conclusions of the son of Poupa Dien was poisoned deadly. It was clear that the son of the puppet was dead to death, not another incurable disease. But it must be puppet not knowing this time, so the death of Palace was only recorded in history with malignant problems. It was a pitiful for the elegant sexual affection for the son, because until he died, he did not know his son died because he was toxicen. The golden bread was found in the grave of Cups. Image: 163.com More strange is that they discovered 33 golden wheels presented around the body of Cup Tung! In the concept of ethics of Lao Tzu, the ancient Chinese believes that the number 33 represents The meaning of "Tam Sinh Van Animals" is temporarily understood as "a Christian, a two-year birth, two of them, three births of all things. In all things without any objects without the neglect and hugging the positive. In the middle of the root of Dung Hoa ". Probably puppet always hopes your son is rested, coming to the upper realm. Thuy Thuy

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