Excavation Of A 400-year Old Grave Discovering Swiss Watches, A Holster With A Hypothesis Of The Appearance Of This Object

Up to now, the strange object's appearance in the ancient tombstery is still a hidden number of 9: 00/2: 48 nuns of the concept of "time travel" is probably one of the topics attracting many people Interested by many people, especially in recent years, many movies and novels also take this theme to create a plot. Besides, "time travel" is still a hypothesis, no event or reality to prove it. But in 2008, people discovered a "Swiss watch" again. In the ancient tomb at the Ming Nha (China). "Piercing time" is real? Specific events are and in 2008, in Thuong Truong district, Choang National Autonomous Region, Guangxi Province, a Chinese archaeologist who excavated one The coffin at the end of the agency dated over 400 years

. At the same time, they also discovered that the coffin was surrounded by Tam Combing Material (Tam Tam Tho is a type of construction material mixed from three components : Clay, sand and lime. Modern times people call Three Concrete is concrete), the whole block weighs about 5kg. In the process of taking the Three Turks out of the soil, there is a sticky object at the lower face Turned out, hitting the rock rang the sound of metal
Expert who conducts a search is that it is a "rings". After appraising, this object has copper material and size as a normal ring, on the face with clock shape, time Stopping at 10:06, the left side has a protruding place like the button, the back is still engraved in English "Swiss". So in the old grave area for more than 400 years? Maybe the time I have a technique to make such a sophisticated watch? After this information is shared, many people believe that this excavation image is Photoshop products, or this is just the story Staging, even someone also commented more irrationally is the event ... "Time travel". Fathe illustration. Illustrated this situation, experts have studied the term "watch" period Recipes, but more and more ambiguous because there are too many hypotheses. And if it is a clock-shaped ring, it certainly cannot have the word "swiss" on it. Confirmation of small metal widgets to be buried with the dead
Associate 3: The wristwatch with the first day appears in 1912 and the Swiss watch is circulated in China nearly 100 years, So the Swiss watch appeared in the old grave area more than 400 years old is unfounded. Finally, this lovely reasoning is: this "Swiss watch" is capable of people Modern dropped near the grave area. After the process of buried, this "clock" was accidentally lined up with the coffin. Of course, this explanation is still not fully confirmed. Templain, coming to the present, the appearance of the object is "the ring", and the "clock" in the old grave area is still a hidden number. According to Phan / Law

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