Exceeding 1,300 Km, The Elephant Is About To Come To The House

Chinese officials said the wild elephants are heading south to their protected habitats in Yunnan province after passing the distance of 1,300 km. Reuters news quotes dynamic protection officials Wild objects on August 9 said the elephants crossed the bridge across the River in a safe way to safely, return to the south to target the natural reserve due to the Pham Nha City. a Emergency Committee Has been established to handle situations, use electric fences, bait and make artificial lines to ensure elephants in the right direction. Mr. Yang Yingyong, a member of the committee, told reporters that the route of elephants "was planning a scientific way

." According to Mr. Yang, the Commission will "try to return to the environment as soon as possible and thrive". Yunnan Province has deployed more than 25,000 police and 1,500 emergency vehicles to monitor and for elephants Eat as well as ensuring people's safety
Mr. Wan Yong, head of the Provincial Forestry Committee, said more than 150,000 people were evacuated along the elephant's migration route and more than 5 million yuan in the insurance fund was disbursed to offset harmful to property. Elephant crosses cross river on August 8. Photo: China Daily in March 2020, a 16-year-old elephant who left the Western Preservation Area loaded to migrate more than 300 km south and eventually stopped in a protected habitat in the atria. April this year, 15 elephants leave the atrium and go around 1,300 km over Ngoc Khe and Hong Ha courtes before going to the suburbs of Kunming province in June. The government's protection efforts have helped The number of wild elephants of the West Song loaded doubled since 1978.Theo experts, the natural habitat of elephants is narrowed and divided by the rapid urbanization process, infrastructure New traffic and trade livestock expansion. Mr. Shen Qingzhong, an expert of the National Western Nature Reserve Management Bureau, which may continue to go north again in the future. "Migration and development of the number of Asian elephants are inevitable" - Quote Mr
Shen.The Lao Dong

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