Exchange Norwegian Artist-vietnam: The Coeence In Art

On the evening of November 25, at the Norwegian Ambassador's house in Vietnam Grete Løchen took place the art exchanges to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Norwegian-Vietnam diplomatic relations (November 25, 1971-25 / 11/2021) .0: 00/3: 09 Norwegian Southern Ambassador in Vietnam Grete Lochen and Chapter Painter. (Photo: KT) Events with live and online participation of more than 50 artists, art researchers, culture, scholars, art criticism of Norwegian and Vietnamese countries. Norwegian Grete Lochen: "This cultural exchange event is extremely special because it is held on the right day two Norwegian countries - Vietnam establish diplomatic relations, November 25. The event is a great opportunity to The audience and Vietnamese artists meet with Norwegian painters, and discuss themes that the two sides are interested in, including the concept of genres of artwork, professional and technical aspects Art, inspiration of compositions and broader topics such as women's participation in the field of art, challenges in general and especially during the epidemic period in particular

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in the delivered session Save, 6 artworks of 5 Norwegian artists: Torbjorn Kvasbo, Marit Tingleff, Tyra Tingleff, Marianne Heske, Finn Christensen and Vietnamese-Nguyen Thanh Chuong painter have been introduced. teacher Ceramics of Norway, Mr. Torbjorn Kvasbo and Mrs. Marit Tingleff introduced to Vietnamese audiences their composition process and how to create ceramic works with Northern Europe. Art space at home Norwegian Ambassador to Vietnam. (Photo: KT) The event was the participation of two parents and daughters as Norwegian and Vietnamese artists: Marrit Tingleff and Sister Tyra Tingleff, Ms. Le Kim My and Ms. Vu Kim Thu. Mentioned the matter of family tradition and its meaning in nurturing their artistic love, how to balance the role of social and family as well as continued artistic passion. Artists also talk about advantages and challenges for artists in Norway and Vietnam
Occupational scenes in Norway and Vietnam may vary, but artists share a common love burns and intense passion with art as well as what they have been pursued. Especially, at the event, Norwegian artist Torbjorn Kvasbo, is currently the president of the International Ceramic Association (IAC) Calling artists and professionals to operate in the field of Vietnam's ceramics interested and joined his IAC Association. Torbjorn Kvasbo Sharing: "Vietnamese ceramics have a long history and diverse words Thousands of years ago. Vietnam still has many traditional pottery villages such as Bat Trang, Tho Ha, Phu Lang, Bo Biet but in IAC is difficult to find a contemporary ceramic art of Vietnam. The Association has no members from Vietnam. We are actively working to recruit members from less represented areas in the world. We want to connect, to know more about conditions for colleagues and education of ceramic houses, exhibitions and events, worldwide. IAC is very interested in information about the contemporary ceramics in Vietnam ". Representatives of Vietnamese artists, Painter Nguyen Thanh Chuong said, he is happy to participate in this exchange program. He is the only Vietnamese painter with a work displayed at the Norwegian Ambassador's private house in Vietnam since 1996. Dong Nguyen Thanh Chapter shared: "Art itself has been a cultural bridge, Whether you are Norwegian or Vietnamese people. Through these paintings, we will understand each other's culture, people and the country more together. (Norwegian Embassy in Vietnam)

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