Excitedly Injecting Filler Looking Forward To A Beautiful Straight Nose, The Sample Was Necrotically Had To Cut His Nose

After injection of Filler, Sharif's nose becomes dark and pus. If it comes a few hours a few hours a few hours, she will have to completely remove the nose.0: 00/1: 30 Nameanesa Sharif Saddique - a Pakistanian model - suffered a nostalgic disease in a few hours after injections full. She shared a terrible experience on social networks to warn other girls about cosmetic surgery.00: 00/08: 12Filler is the name of filling substance, containing hyaluronic acid

. When injecting filler into the body will help skin smoother stretches. . Other with botox is inhibiting the process of wrinkle formation, filler helps filling the grooves, creating thick tissue blocks under the wrinkles to help the face become smoother
Sharif wants to inject filler to have a perfect nose . According to the expectation, after the injection, Sharif's nose will be rescheduled and the nose life will be very flat. But when dinner, Sharif's sister realized that his nose was being flowed everywhere everywhere. Her necrosis was necrotic after injection.do filled with blood circulation, the nose of Aneesa Sharif Saddique started Switch to black and flow pus. She fell into a shortage of breath, living nasal nasal. The doctor said that if the model to the hospital is slow for a few hours, it will have to remove the nose .Sharif must be on the bed surgery with a low mood with a fearful mood. Finally, the doctor makes the substance filling, eliminating the necrosis and treatment for her with antibiotics. "Injecting the nose filling with the nose is not a simple thing!" - Sharif shared on social networks

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