Exciting Night Festival Young Waves

Broadcasting online on the Fanpage Wave Festival 2021: In The Zone on the evening of November 27, the Festival young wave music night has attracted more than 15,000 views through emotional performances. Phu and diet from content to form. At the program, the Department of Radio - Television awarded the 6th Young Wave Process Award 6. This is an academic level award to be held annually to motivate and encourage students to actively compose cooperation The press is rich in information, objective in the fields of life. Besides, the performances exploded with the freshness, enthusiasm have left a mark in the audience

. Each repertoire contains different stories and meanings. This is also a special gift that the Organganization Committee wants to give the "new agents" K41, welcome new students to the Press and Propaganda Academy. The air of the music night is "warmed up" Right from the first moments of the first moment with the choir "kind Vietnamese" by the art team of the young Festival 2021 wave
Bring gentle moments to the audience. Those are the beautiful footage of Thanh Xuan age on the academy lecture hall. The press is always considered a "specialty" of the newspaper field. Therefore, at every season of events, young festival waves are thick to bring to the musical instrument deposition emotions. In this year's wave season, the final bullet play with many bi-comedy, dramatic factors Taking away many tears of the audience. The 18-year mark of the Festival young wave is even more special by the appearance of singer Van Mai Huong. The female singer has "burned" the stage of the program with the songs associated with her name as a marriage, the dream of his mother or the recent hit song was incense.

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