Exeed Lanyue 400t 2021 – Crossover ‘sang Chich’ From 684 Million Dong

China SUV EXEED LANYUE 400T 2021 model owns a 7-seater design, comes with 2 screen to the same features and the price of money is also quite affordable. Not only consecutively launch new electric car models Batchs, Chinese car manufacturers have never forgotten the traditional car engine car market. Recently, the new Crossover 7-seat Crossover Lanyue 400T 2021 has officially been offered to buyers, and it looks really eye-catching both outside and inside. Exeed lanyue, also known as exeed VX, launched in 2019, and 400t is its latest high-end version.Exeed is the Under-level luxury SUV brand of Chery Automobile, to compete with the Wey brand Great Wall and Uni of Changan

. Exeed is currently selling 4 models including: CUV Central TX, Central TXL / Lingyun, LX / Zhuifeng small crossover, and medium-sized crossover model VX / Lanyue. With the most advanced version of LANYUE line , 400t more luxurious than the previous version before, and it also comes with a stronger engine. Furthermore, the new car also received a few beautiful decorative details on the shell body such as the exed letters on the metal cladding below column A
For the size, this 7-seat crossover model is relatively large with length 4.970 mm, 1,940 mm wide, 1.788 mm high, with a base shaft of 2,900 mm and the weight does not load 1,827 kg. Exeds of Exeed Lanyue 400T looks luxurious with class and sports leather chairs, simultaneously combining decoration between Wood and metal material. Besides, it also has a flat bottom steering wheel, double screen system with 12.3-inch size on the backpack, one for clock tables and one for entertainment information. The clock table is very graphic Sharp, and a beautiful image of the car in the middle. However, the driver can freely install the screen according to what you want. The operating system for the vehicle's screens is called "Lion 4.1", and it supports remote updates
The second row has 3 seats and spacious legs, and the 3rd seats only have 2 seats.Exeed Lanyue 400T has a 2.0-liter voltage gasoline engine, producing 261 horsepower capacity and 400 Maximum torque nm, making it the strongest tourist car Chery each fabricated. This engine is coordinated with DCT 7 gearbox, transmitting capacity to all 4 wheels. According to the manufacturer, the maximum speed of the car is 200 km / h, and the fuel consumption is 7.9 liters / 100 km. Finally, the price of Exeed Lanyue 400T 2021 ranges from 193,900 - 233,900 people Currency (equivalent to 684 - 825 million VND), a price is not bad for a 7-seat crossover pattern with the above equipment .Video: Exeed Lanyue 400T 2021 - Crossover "Sang Chanh" China.

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