Exempted For 4 Years For Rent Because Of A University Parking

4 years of rent, equivalent to about 10,000 yuan, was considered by Mr. Zhang as a greeting gifts and his family tenant. May 6, on the wall of the building in Zhongshan, Guangdong (China) appeared two major announcements: "Congratulations to the resident of this building, Mr. Zuo, his son has reached 608 points in this year's college entrance exam. To express the congratulations, The landlord decided to exempt the rent for 4 years for him

. "This announcement also spreads on the Chinese social network. Many people are entitled to enjoy the generous action of the landlord named Zhang, according to Sohu.ong Zhang paste the congratulatory announcement and free rent for Zuo for 4 years
Photo: Sohu.nh Zuo, who is mentioned in the announcement on, renting Mr. Zhang 10 this year with a constant price is 220 yuan / month. To have money for children to study, he and his wife do Job hardship, spending. These difficulties are witnessed by Mr. Zhang and spend sympathy. "Wife is a labor in Jiangmen and Zuo works in a factory in Zhongshan. He goes sooner, regularly wearing night shifts, people About 1.8 m high but skinny because of strenuous ", the landlord said. Also according to Mr
Zhang, Zuo live very economically, sometimes not daring to turn on the lights in the house, the money bill has never exceeded 20 Yuan. Never seen Zuo's son, Zhang sometimes listened to tenants with pride: "The boy is good, its score at school is quite good." Tin Zuo's son reached a high score in the university entrance exam, Zhang was also happy and decided to consider rent for 4 years, equivalent to about 10,000 yuan, like a greeting gift and encouraged his family. He also pasted a congratulatory announcement right in his building. The innkeeper was famous on social networks because of generous actions. Photo: NetEase News. "His husband is all hand workers, unable to support many children's learning. So, it is not easy for Zuo's son to achieve such achievements. Hope your children Later later, reported to a parent ". After being famous on social networks for generous actions, Mr. Zhang shares itself quite pressure and thinks his actions are very small, nothing big . The innkeeper also said later if there were children of passenger passengers, he would continue to exempt the rent as a gifts.

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