Exercises For Girls ‘lazy’, Lying A Place Still Have Charming Slender Body

If you want a slender body, please immediately practice the exercises below.0: 00/2: 02 nam nuoc Huyen Huyen to go to the floor near the bed and make a posture to the beds to take the post Episode later.1. Anti-push for both legs to bed and use arms to support the upper body in a push posture. Tighten the muscles and keep the legs straight when doing this movement

. Anti-push 12 times. Make four turns and remember a little break to not work too much. Stretching for this movement, you just need to lie on the floor, put both legs on the bed
After that, lift a leg on the air, hold down straight. Bring your right leg to the left and lift up as much as possible. Repeat with the rest. Each leg should stretch 12 times and each party performs two turns. Folding the floor to the floor, lying the cross from the bed and put the left foot in the bed. Fend right foot and place it on the left lap. Tighten the abdominal muscles, then raise the upper body to feel the belly and legs stretched. Next, you rotate the other side and repeat the movement with the rest. Each HEE performs 12 times, then done twice for each leg.4
Stone your legs put your knees on the bed and support the body on the body by fighting both hands on the floor. Bend the knees and kick a leg on the air. Do the same with the rest. Each turn should make 12 kicks, just make two turns for each leg.5. Bend your belly on the floor and put the calf on the bed. Lift a leg up and straighten away and take both hands to touch the knees. Do the same with the rest. You will feel muscle strain like when you fold the belly in a traditional way. Each turn should be done 12 times. Perform four turns and remember a little break to not work too much.6. Final stretching, make muscle relaxation to relax the muscles and avoid pain in the next day. Put the lower body on the bed and the upper body lying on the floor, her hands stretching out to the outside. You will feel your stomach and back. Muscle relaxation for 10 seconds and then relaxed. Repeat 4 times. These simple exercises are not too strong and can be done indoors. These are the perfect exercises for those who are lazy. Take a moment to do these exercises in bed. You will have a firmer and healthier body! Ngoc Huyen - according to GirlStyle

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