Exfoliation Too Carefully To Protect Skin As Much Oil

Do not want to face the face of oil, you must immediately remove the skin care routine and makeup below.02: 00/1: 51 nam1. Washing her face too many shiny skin, many sisters often wash their face many times to clean skin. In fact, this is just a short-term solution because of removing the natural oil layer on the skin and too carefully washing the skin to produce a lot of oil to compensate for lost oil. Then your skin will become more and more oil

. Rub the face too strongly to rub the skin more will not make the skin cleaner and less shine. In contrast, strong rubbing will make oil more secretive. Because you clean your face according to gentle circular movement and avoid rubbing strong skin when using a cotton pad or a bleached scarf
3. Too much exfoliation is like cleaning and exfoliation too! Stay away from too strong dead skin eniflusions and skin care products that contain alcohol because it can dry the skin. Instead, use gentle exfoliating products that contain glycolic or retinol.4. Using too many skin care products using too many skin care products can cause the skin to do not regulate the production of oil, making the skin more greasy. Let's take care of the skin as simple as possible. You only need to use cleanser, moisturizer without oil and sunscreen. Add a little like toner and mask.5. Do not use liner cream underwear is an important step for those who have oily skin! When makeup, foundation cream and concealer are flowing out and causing the skin of oil balls
Liner for oily skin medium and alkaline oil has helped long makeup. Using the foundation cream does not match the skin skin both when you want to get the skin with a welding girl, it is best to avoid using any background cream that doesn't match the skin. These types contain light reflective particles or create a glossy layer without long existing on oil and will make the skin glossy more oil.

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