Exhibition T.h.e.

Follow the string of brands that appear at the exhibition t.h.e. Show 2021, Pietra is the next name with a speaker model made of high-end emulsion stone.02: 00/1: 44 nampietra models 3sg with the front loudspeaker manipulating large jelly stones, said to help regenerate The treble sound is smoother, flexible

. At the same time, this marble material is also calculated, optimal to match the majority of materials in the listening room. The product is manufactured on orders in San Diego California, Pietra Model 3SG with weight up to close 160kg and use a staff diverette 2. The speaker has a low 86dB sensitivity and the minimum minimum low impedance is 3,4 ohms
pietra using Power-Amp benchmark AHB2 to double the 3SG model and the system " All-Benchmark "also contributes to creating a pretty good sound with expanded Midrange and large bass. However, the reality of bulls is slightly too large in some tracks, causing a little unpleasant feeling when listening to. However despite the challenges, tones regeneration, powerful bass from the model of stone materials Marble seems to be good. This is the product for Audiophiles with strong and persistent amplifier models. Pietra's device books at T.H.E. Show 2021: Speaker Pietra Model 3SG - 19,000 USDMPI Benchmark AHB2 (Stereo / Mono) - 2,999 USDDAC Benchmark DAC3B - 1,699 USDPRE-AMP Benchmark LA4 - 2,599 USD Streaming Aurender N200 - 6,000 USD Cable Benchmark NL2-TO-NL2 - 42.95 USD signal benchmark XLR-to-XLR --38 USD / synthetic information and images from source: part-time audiophilehang Loc

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