Eximbank Announced The New General Director After More Than 2 Years

After more than two years of vacancy, Eximbank's Board of Directors voted Mr. Tran Tan Loc to hold the General Director after being approved from the State Bank of 200: 00/1: 26 Nuoc Nghiep Yasuhiro Saitoh - Chairman of the Board of Directors Eximbank (right) awarded the decision to appoint Mr. Tran Tan Loc to hold the position of General Director of the Bank. (Photo: CTV / Vietnam) On September 8, the Board of Directors of Vietnam Export Import Commercial Bank (Eximbank) appointed Mr. Tran Tan Loc to hold the position of General Director of the Bank after approved From the State Bank of Vietnam

. Dong Tran Tan Loc is a PhD Economics, which has taken over many important positions at Eximbank. Before being appointed the head position in the Executive Board, Mr. Loc kept positions such as Deputy Manager, Head of Department, Assistant General Director, Standing Deputy General Director, General Director
Loc is the person who is collective of the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board of the Credit Bank of the Bank for the Executive Board of the Bank to operate stable and safely. Mr. Loc will continue to efforts to lead the whole goods to carry out the assigned tasks and bring Eximbank back to position as one of the leading commercial bank brands in Vietnam. Do so, after more than two years of vacancy, The position of Eximbank's general manager has officially owned new owner. From early April 2019 to now, Eximbank is still in the position of General Director after Mr. Le Van Quyet Dong Dong.Eximbank is also the only bank yet Successfully organized the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders since 2019. Besides, only for more than 1 year, Eximbank's "hot seat" also changed its owner to 5 times, from Mr. Le Minh Quoc to Ms. Luong Thi Cam Tu, then to Mr
Cao Xuan Ninh and the latest changes between Mr. Nguyen Quang Thong and Mr. Yasuhiro Saitoh./ .Then Ha (Vietnam)

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