Exotic Dents Between The Forest – Bridge Between The Two Worlds Where The Heavenly Land Is Made

In the center of the garden there is a stone column that looks like an Egyptian coffin, where visitors can lean back to see the sky, the universe and beyond .Sky Garden - "Lady Garden" is an installation work American artist James Turrell on campus of Liss Ard Estate near Skibberenen, Ireland. James Turrell is a famous architect for large-scale works of light and space. "Lady Garden" is a contemporary artwork with striking shape and aesthetics. This place is like a bridge between 2 worlds, with many bizarre fairy tales took place around

. (Photo: Atlas obscura) when standing from inside, all that visitors can see that Being a fresh sky and grass green grass below, evoking ancient rituals in the past. According to Architect James Turrell: "The most important thing is that inside turns into outside and vice versa. Under this, the relationship between the landscape and the Irish sky changed "into the garden is through a plant full of trees, thereby leading to a narrow staircase sequence to fly into the sky, bringing visitors into the garden
The garden itself consists of a dent that looks like an elliptical crater surrounded by green grass. (Photo: Flickr) in the center is "Vault Purchase", a monolithic stone column, where visitors are invited to sit or Lying and looking up at the sky. This central stone block reminiscent of the altar of the Celtic people and ancient Egyptians. The goal of the rock for small groups, with two people is the ideal number of turrell.cho whether you visit during the day or night, when you are in the garden, you will find yourself charmed by the sky Continuous change, is perfectly framed by the edge of the dent in your peripheral vision. Coming to Sky Garden, visitors can find a peaceful and quiet feeling, respect and peace, when Your senses are expanding and immersed with nature as much as possible. (Photo: Irish Examiner) Cersei (General)

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