Exotic Shrimp Species Possessed That Punch So Much That Can Break The Fish Tank

Cases of shrimp mantis breaking the fish tank have been recorded and the Berkley University website warns that large shrimps, long 13cm long can break the glass of 9: 00/2: 44 nuanom Public mantis. (Source: OddityCentral.com) Public mantke shrimp (OdontoDactyLus Scyllarus) is recognized as the fastest and most powerful punch in the entire animal world, with an accelerometer equivalent to a bullet fired from a gun Sports.O. Scyllarus is one of the known mantis species originating from the Ocean-Pacific Ocean Seabed, from Guam Island to South Africa

. This is a fast and dynamic predator, using foot pairs The jaw has a shape to catch the bait, mainly crustaceans, belly legs and mollusks, two shells. His to constantly punch into the prey, until breaking the outer shell to reach the soft tissue below. Everything moves at a speed of over 80 km / h and is considered the fastest punch Recognition of any live animals
The punch of this shrimp is not as fast as a sports gun bullet but also extremely powerful. Every bearing punch has a force of more than 1,500 Newton, more than 2,500 times more than its own weight. Before, cases of mantis shrimp punches that have been recorded. Berkley University's website in the United States warns that large shrimps, longer than 13cm can break the glass. Because of the color and extremely colorful patterns, the perverted mantis are often raised to do a scene. However, to ensure they are not "punched" glasses, fish tanks often have to be made of thick glass or tempered glass. So how a small shrimp can release a fast and strong punch So? According to the researchers, the two shapes like the two sticks are folded under the head and fixed with a pegs like a spring. When there is a prey to close enough, shrimp mantis Release the latch, launch the stick of sticks forward. It was an extremely fast movement that made a stunned prey.Maya Devries, Associate Professor of Biology at San Jose State University, explaining: "Mantis shrimp has a special energy storage system, Located where it shrinks his arm
It has a "latch" system to lock the energy there. This "latch" is controlled by muscles. So when the animal is ready to blow, it will shrink the urge to release the latch. When the latch is released, all energy stored in the muscles and the outer skeleton will be released, and the more shapes like the hammer will rush forward with amazing speed and acceleration. "For a very long time, scientists have wondered how the shrimp mantis can punch strong enough to break the glass and do not hurt the body. Those, people have studied that those The more it is covered with hydroxyapatite, a very hard cryptic calcium-phosphate ceramic material. Under the hard surface that is the layers of chitosan polysaccharide, a very elastic compound, acting as a shock absorber ./. Minh Phuong (Vietnam)

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