Experience 7 Years Of Poodle Care Of Girls In Ho Chi Minh City

One of the notes of the collection of Poodle care is to keep the puppy's plugs always smooth and healthy.0: 00/3: 59 male names in the notes of the collection Poodle is to keep the fur of the puppy to be smooth and healthy. Name: Thu Trang is in: tp.hcm years of adoption: 2014 Pet: Boo; 7 years old; belonging to the Poodle line, the size toy to the adoption site is a animal lover. Previously, many times wanted to welcome a puppy to raise but not yet qualified economic conditions

. In 2014, when the income was more stable, the new page decided to welcome Boo home. Page Share: "From the first time I saw Boo, I was impressed by the chubby body and the big eyes and eyes of the baby". According to the comment page, Poodle breeds look pretty like a teddy bear
Besides, they are less hairless, so she decided to choose it. Take a new member of the page to start Boo, Poodle is quite new in Vietnam. In order to give your baby the best living conditions, the page has spent a lot of time to prepare carefully in every aspects. Pay special attention to the health status of the pet. Before welcoming Boo, the page gave the baby to get care of CARE, PARVO and rabies. It will then give a puppy to periodically, so that Boo can quickly get used to the new living environment, Thuy Trang also ensures both baby food and personal items. Poodlethu page Share: "With Poodle, to get a beautiful fur, need a more special care than other puppies." However, this regime is not too complicated.Boo has been his owner feeding according to this mode from small. After 7 years of care, the puppy of Thu Trang still maintains a thick, smooth and healthy coat
The page shares about BOO's diet as follows: under 1 year old, boo eat 3 meals / day. When 1 year and older, baby eating 1 day / meal. A puppy meal includes: nutrition seeds combined with meat (beef, chicken or pig) and fruits (mainly carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes ). Add fish oil for your baby's diet to increase nutrition and beautiful fur. Don't taste spices into the dog's food. Otherwise, the puppy will be silver and dry. Thanks to this diet, the page's Boo weighs nearly 7 kg and very healthy. Besides, the dog also does not have skin diseases such as mushrooms or falling hairs. Poodle farming fees monthly many people with conception, raising dogs will be more than dogs but the page does not agree. According to her, depending on your economy, farmers will have a different method of taking care of the children. With the page, she has a more pick-up part in taking care of the feathers for Boo so it will cost a part of the cost this. A month will fall at around 3 million VND, specifically as follows: Dining costs: VND 25,000 / meal = VND 50,000 / day (Including: nutrition seeds, chicken or cows and fruits) Cost trimming: 350,000 VND - 700,000 VND / month Fees for additional products (Fish oil, Feathering, Small eyes, Toothbrush gel, Perfume mouth, Perfume, Clothes, Toilet paper): 500,000 VND / month Medical fees: Lottery Worms 30,000 VND / month, preventing veils 150,000 VND / month, periodic examinations of VND2 million / year Notes on care for poodle always healthy 7 years of Boo care, Thu Trang recognizes the care of pet needs Ensure a lot of factors. Health face, Poodle is better health than many other breeds. Therefore, pets will be rarely sick. But it is also necessary to pay attention to cleaning the baby's living environment and fully supplementing the nutrients.Poodle is quite intelligent and passionate. The formation of children with eating habits and daily life is not difficult. However, the children need time to get used to and adapt .To Poodle has a smooth fur, need to ensure diet and trim for children regularly. Do not give puppies eat spicy food and combine to use more fish oil so that your baby has the most beautiful fur. Besides, leaving the dog without picky eating, farmers are not damaged. If more than 10 minutes, the pet refuses to eat the food as if the regulation will take it. Absolutely do not feed the puppy. So babies will depend on themselves and choose more when eating and drinking.

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