Experience Fishing In Co To Island

Over the past years, tourists come to Ms. Mot and more. One of the fascinating experiences in Co To is the same fishermen, rake clams, ink sentences and especially fishing. Not only beautiful landscapes, Ms. To is located in the middle of the sea, there is a vast fishing ground

. Along the coast of Co To also has many waves of waves, with hon: carps, goats, Thanh Mai, rat tail and many quiet waves, small islands, alcohol, corals along the islands, quiet water, Rich resources. Therefore, it is very suitable for visitors to experience fishing. Guests have released sentences near the area of Hon Cacp in Co To Sea
Fishing experience or fishermen in Ms. To stems from the desire to learn Live locals of visitors. This activity can be easily organized and appropriate, especially at the end of the summer and early autumn, the silent sea, less large waves. Moreover, this is also the season of many easy fishes such as fish, fish, fish, fish, fish, grouper, fish man ... usually go fishing, visitors need to start early from the North and N , from here only a boat of 15-20 minutes is going to the fishing area near the small islands, the stabili waves or out of areas with beautiful landscapes such as: Hon Lion, carp ... go with people Local, visitors will be guided by fishermen how to force sentences, drop net, earn reasonable bait, time and drop-down area
Tourists when participating in fishing experience are interested after a short time, obtaining the expected results. Because just let go of a slice is a bite fish. Rarely travels to white hands. The most interesting thing is probably guests who can enjoy the results of themselves, right on the boat. The dishes are fishermen processing rustic fish like sour fish, grilled or salad ... The guests are excited with the results after a short time to drop sentences. On the journey of visitors, visitors can enjoy the Honor Tu, Carp , Co To Son Island ... within the sea conservation area; Drop sail or big eye mesh between the sea to bathe or visit long sandy beaches, the reefs in the carp, lion, and catch cones, explore the island. In the afternoon, visitors can be lucky to watch the sunset on the North Sea, find out for fishing villages, fish markets at sea, ending interesting seafaring days. If you want to prolong the trip, you can continue to experience the ink, the overshore night mesh in the North and Yes ... Over the years, tourists come to Co To with the purpose of enjoying beautiful scenes, find Understanding fishermen life and fishing more and more. Experience with fishermen, the squid of the sea in the sea right in the island of Co To is a discovery, giving visitors to feel sense of enjoyment. Guests are interested in the product obtained during the trip.BaoQuangNinh.Com .

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